YouTube’s Democratic Openness and Censorship over YouTubers

YouTube’s Democratic Openness and Censorship over YouTubers

There is a forthcoming “Post Maza-Crowder” Hot Debate that threw little dirt to YouTube.

Maza used YouTube of allowing Crowder to use YouTube to target Maza via hate speech and other dirt-forms.

The heat was so high, the debate was so hot and later some YouTube policies were updated!

There is a new heat approaching if YouTube does not tackle the issue before it explodes: YouTubers Cunnings and Deceptions.

I’ve been following the language used by top-earning YouTubers in the Make Money Online (MMO) niche for about three years and my observations have been the following:

  • MMO YouTubers’ use of false claims and exaggerated languages is alarming that it needs tackling despite their so-called earning disclaimer policies;
  • Those YouTubers are prompting their fall and everyone will hate them for their killing the promising industry for fair follow YouTubers;
  • Soon or later, those YouTubers will subject to analysis and legal follow-up: which will dilapidate their wealth due to lawyer-related expenses;
  • Those YouTubers will be doomed as any business suspected to include their capitals will be boycotted! Who will agree to lose future endeavours for those crooks?
  • Most of those YouTubers will start their dirty businesses in undemocratic and despotic-led countries, siding then with killers, extra judiciary terminators, sexual harassers, and rapists etc.
  • Due to multiple legal cases related to Make Money Online YouTubers’ false claims and exaggeration, which prompts loss of money by millions of unemployed, YouTube might suffer a backlash and if complaints go on governments might vote laws against it. This will then cause a crack that will lead to its downfall!
  • However, YouTube can still tackle the issue: it’s not late to investigate those top YouTubers false claims and exaggerated language.
  • Clue #1: Dig deep into those YouTubers’ paid products

    There is an e-store that helps sellers to get exposure to a bigger or wider market. These include, but are not limited to, JVZoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus, Amazon, etc.

    If you dig deep into those products, there are billions of refunds requests and reviews debunk the false claims and exaggerated languages by those illicit nouveau-riches!

    This means it super easy to dig into those YouTubers’ past.

    How is YouTubers’ Life? ‖Lies and Dishonesty

    How is YouTubers’ Life? ‖Lies and Dishonesty

    Clue#2: Encourage victims to speak aloud

    Ask people who were stolen in a way or another by those YouTubers to come out and accuse or describe events or facts related to their being stolen

    Disclaimer Practices: Not enough fellow fallen YouTubers

    Website owners, bloggers, or YouTubers are encouraged to explicitly disclose commission earning on their platforms

    But most folks in the Make Money Online Niche just do it because it’s legally bound.

     However, legal enforcers have failed to do a follow and see if this is practices attitudinally by MMO YouTubers, among whom most are also website owners

    YouTube Moderate Censorship: Will cause its downfall

    For YouTube creators and users, its value as a social-media platform lies partly in their appearance of democratic openness. Yes. But what if wrong-doers are exploiting YouTube base to wrong-do?

    People are losing money to thieves sheltered by YouTube, is that fair?

    When asked about the issue of policies discrepancies, YouTube leaders just allege that some so-called fundamental questions that, they say, are not just about YouTube’s business but about what social media platforms have become and what they should be!

    Fine! Owners of those social media should be then answerable in some way. Yes, they should, especially if they have the power they don’t exploit to punish or ban those who cunningly enrich due to illegal practices. Demonetizing YouTubers found guilt and legal follow up would be a great option to start considering

    This would make others fear to exaggerate claims and withhold the truth.

    Most Complaints Against MMO YouTubers

    Personally, the deceptive practices of those YouTubers are centred on three rotors:

    • They just mention their success but NEVER thousands of hours wasted while they were new as online marketers;
    • Once prey is in their net, they immediately sound that what they have achieved in 3-5 years one is going to get to it in the first week or even two days!
    • They hook their prey in proofs and case studies. Since they know everyone like to see proof or evidence of a system or course claimed to be working wonders, they illicitly cater for that human psychological need! They give you those proofs and case studies!!!

    But the truth is different:

    1. Those case studies or “proofs that it works” are just their results NOW, but no  results for “ years back when they started”
    2. Most do not acknowledge that they have learned by trials and errors. Even those who do they just exaggerate it to make you feel what they termed “empathy!”

    In most books or e-products they sell, they rip-off their first flattery consumers (as they scarcely get second purchase if they don’t change their name)

    3. But still, their “ripping-offs” people earn them more money

    What YouTube can do and What It has already Done

    • YouTube catered to its most passionate fan groups by tailoring services for kids, gaming enthusiasts, and virtual-reality early adopters.
    • YouTube can demonetize faulty video by setting its algorithms to detect keywords; so, it can easily target some words;

    Use of algorithms to punish wrong-doers: a two-edge measure

    If YouTube adjusts anyway its algorithm to punish wrongdoers, essentially by destroying their stronghold which is money-making on its platform, facts are that it sometimes to correctly address the targeted wrongdoers by rather overcorrecting unilaterally, which might result in losses by fair YouTubers and other businesses.

    Punishing MMO Wrong YouTubers: Easy Said Than Done

    However outstanding maybe its algorithms, it can only detect few YouTubers who might violate those pre-established guidelines

    That’s why, as a mixed-methods researcher, I would suggest the inclusion of qualitative analysis and data collection to target efficient as many wrongdoers as possible to give a lesson to a handy of escapees to consider their acts and come to reason.

    Ending notes

    In this post, I have walked you through the fact that YouTube and Deceptive MMO YouTubers are likely to be wronged if they don’t adjust.

    YouTube might prompt its downfall due to backlash and legal case, which might allow competitors to take advantage of its weak state.

    On the other hand, YouTubers who exaggerate and deceptively ruin honest people just wanting a new income stream are digging the demonetization of their videos.

    They will also cause losses to other honest YouTubers, which will bring frustration and hate for those wrongdoers whose names will be known to the public.

    Their effort to build businesses will fade and they will then join their fellow wrongdoers in the undemocratic and despotic countries.

    Who’s that YouTubers who want to end like this?

    Be warned O Dear YouTubers: use a plain language, be fair and don’t kill other people’s endeavours due to your get-rich-scheme traps.


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