What’s Policy Analysis: Can I Earn Money from It?

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Here you are at a hub where we show you how to “live on your likes and skills…” Today, I have chosen to work you through how you, as a policy analyst, can make money from sharing tips about policy analysis….Yes…It works…this means that you can earn from your skills…

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I. What’s Policy Analysis: Can I Earn Money from It?.

  1. The “work home, earn money” Industry..
  2. How Can I Earn Money from what I Know?.

II. But how to earn from website..

III.    Policy Analyst Salary: How to Increase It.

Sample Website Article..

IV. What’s Policy Analysis.

4.1. Define Policy Analysis.

4.2. Purpose of policy Analysis.

4.3. Three Approaches to policy Analysis.

V. Wrapping Up..

I. The “work home, earn money” Industry

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II. How Can I Earn Money from what I Know?

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IV. What’s Policy Analysis

Hello dear all,

Do you need information about policy (public/private, etc.) analysis/evaluation? You’re at the right hub! I’m going to work you through the notion of policy, policy analysis, policy evaluation and their importance in our daily life as citizen! Scroll down please! I’m sure, you’re going to get many more than you might have expected.

4.1.  Define Policy Analysis

  • Definition of policy:
  • A series of concepts that is the outline and basic plan of the implementation of a work, leadership, way of acting;
  • A government instrument, not only in the sense of government that only pertains to state apparatus but also governance involving public resources (Edy Suharto, 2006a);
  • The decisions/choices of actions that directs the government in the management & distribution of Natural, financial & Human resources in the interest of the public: people/residents/communities or citizens;
  • A statute that contains the principles for directing a planned way of acting & consistently to achieve a particular goal.
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                A Sort of Roadmap

Policy is a result of a synergy, compromise or even competition between ideas, theories, ideologies and interests representing a country’s political system.

Viewed politically, policy is the property of bureaucrats (formal policy makers especially administrators or executive government staff.

For your information, policy research comes in as a way to inform scientific (in a scientific way) policy makers policies or produce policies that are scientifically accountable, within boundaries that do not collide with the ‘ political will ‘ or socio-political environment in a country.

Stakeholders for a given policy are individuals, groups, institutions of interest to that particular policy. These are actors involved in the process of formulating & the implementation of such a public policy or beneficiaries and victims caused by a given (public/private) policy.

4.1.2. Policy Analysis: Definition

Analysis or analysis, is an investigation of an event (such as a bouquet, deed, event or event) to know the actual situation, because of the cause or sitting of a case (Pustaka, 1991).

Policy is the series and principles that become the outline and basis of the plan in the execution of a leadership work, and a way of acting (an organization, or government); Statements of goals, objectives, principles, or intent as guidelines for management in order to achieve a specific goal.

Examples: Cultural policy, is a series of concepts and principles that outline the plan or activity of a country to develop the culture of its people.

Population policy, is the concept and outline of a government’s plan to regulate or oversee the growth of residents and population dynamics of the country

Policies differ in meaning with wisdom. According to the English Great dictionary (Balai Pustaka, 1991), Wisdom is the intellect of one’s use of his mind (based on his experience and knowledge); Or acting skills when faced with difficulties.

Government policy Analysis, is the use of various research methods and arguments to generate and transfer information relevant to the policy so that it can be utilized in political level in order to solve policy problems (Dunn, 1988).

Policy analysis, in its broad sense, involves the outcomes of knowledge about and within the policy process. Historically, the objective of policy analysis is to provide information for policymakers to be considered logical considerations to find troubleshooting policy issues.

           Criticize and Analyse Policies

Policy analysis can be distinguished by the creation or development of policies (policy development).

Policy Analysis does not cover the creation of future policy formulation proposals. Policy analysis emphasizes on the study of existing wisdom. Meanwhile, policy development is more focused on the process of creating new policy formulation proposals.

Nevertheless, both policy analysis and policy development both focus on policy consequences. Policy Analysis examines the ongoing policies, while the development of policies provides guidance for the creation or formulation of new policies.

4.2. Purpose of policy Analysis

The purpose of government policy analysis in general the purpose of the country policy analysis is to provide information for the policy-taking which is used as a practical policy troubleshooting guideline. The objectives of policy analysis also include policy evaluation and policy recommendation (Dunn, 1988). In accordance with the above objectives, the analysis of policy can be concluded not only to produce the facts, but also to produce more value-generating information and direction of action. Policy analysis takes from a variety of disciplines whose objectives are descriptive, evaluative, and normative.

4.3. Three approaches to policy analysis

Three approaches to policy analysis, i.e. empirical, valuative, and normative. The five types of information generated by policy Analysis are: policy issues, future policies, policy actions, policy results, and policy performance. The five types of information are obtained through the three Policy analysis procedures: formulation of problems, forecasting, recommendation, monitoring, and evaluation.

As takeaways, a policy is some sort of sectorial roadmap for a given government in that particular sector. While policy analysis is the use of various research methods and arguments to generate and transfer information relevant to the policy so that it can be utilized in political level in order to solve policy problems.

V. Wrapping Up

The post “What’s Policy Analysis: Can I Earn Money from It?” aimed to give hints in regards of how you can penetrate the “work home, earn money” industry. Equally, I have responded to your “How Can I Earn Money from what I Know?” questions, giving you tips on how to!

I have equally linked you to set-ups you need to start and shared how to earn from website by setting the right content/website monetization techniques. To offer you a practical view of tips you may share in the domain of policy, I have given you a sample website post.

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