What is cognitive assessment? A new inspiration for Educational Measurement


You’re be saying, you’re growing crazy to compare the incomparable. Cognitive assessment is mainly covered by memory health experts while educational measurement specializes in learners’ ability measures. I quite agree with you, the two fields apparently seems incomparable but my research about the two fields pushed me share the inspirations I got from cognitive assessment.

I marveled at how memory experts are getting their way to monetizing their expertise while educational measurement and program evaluators seem not to make tangible evolution to make money through developing new products. Don’t you feel it’s high time we did more in developing products which fit in the 21st century and which sell? Scroll down gradually until to the end to hear fully of my inspirations.

What is cognition assessment?

A cognitive assessment is a process of collecting information about the level a person’s cognitive function. Administered by either a mental health professional, neurologist, or education professional depending on reasons to perform such an exam. Aspects or components assessed can range, to name just a few, from attention, calculation, word recall, language abilities, visuospatial ability, and orientation.

People working in this field have hit high in these last two decades and developed products which are now used in recruiting new staff in a number of institutions and organizations. From memory intensive research, experts came out with products which can identify individuals who are likely to need additional evaluation if even taken in as organizations staffers. Nowadays, as I have already said, such assessment is widely used by organizations in the recruitment process “to assess a candidate’s competence & suitability for the role, as well as to predict his/her future performance”, (SBWIRE, March 2019).


But look: We use the similar test in education when we select students in our institutions and can predict, based on their scores in the selection test, how well they do in the study programs they’ve selected!

Unanswered Question: why few teachers are billionaires?

At this level, I almost grow mad a storm of questions passes into my head:

1) Are we still convinced which education and money do go together which we cannot develop a product which go beyond educational institutions spheres?

====> Memory clinic managed to develop products which sell into organizations outside the clinic and hospitals spheres

2) Are the organizations out there reluctant to use products developed by educational experts or simply there are no suitable ones likely to attract organizations outside the educational spheres?

====> Education is a domain which is made of think tanks (both of the older and younger generation), why not push it which far to develop product other which R, Iteman, IRTEC, Parscale, Wingen, ANBUSO, Winsteps, Lisrel, Bilog-/Multilog, TAP, etc and the like?

3) Have there been at least collaborations which failed? How many ability measurement experts have ever collaborated with experts in other fields to come out with a refined product likely to sell?

===> We teach about mind, memory, and psychometric actions but can people we teach develop products which hit mega-bucks evaluated in billions while we continue using markers and pieces of chalk!

4) Is the teaching profession cursed or associated to “non likely to get rich if you take it as a career?”

====>Some senior academicians I managed to talk all as a teacher researcher told me which education and never go together! But when the same experts are doing consultancy for government about why many teens are not likely to choose to teach as their career, those academicians bring in theories and write their conclusions. But I never read in their report where they acknowledge which they are not “living figures of wealthy academicians.” I have few teachers and academicians who are billionaire, except some like Ma (Chinese). Is it because we’re not smart? Nope but also yes…. We’re smart because we’re able to educate people who succeed in life, we’re NOT smart because we can use well what we know to attract others which teaching, educational research is worth of it!

Cognitive assessment thriving than ever: Indicators

===>Valley Cottage, NY — (SBWIRE) — 03/23/2019: released a report about Cognitive Assessment and Training Market Revenues;

===> Predictions show which cognitive assessment and training is due to peg at US $3,746.6 Mn by 2028!

===>cognitive assessment and training is now profiting the technological advancements (mobile phone and tablets) and is forecast to growth in revenue as people buy these smartphones/tablets are also like to use cognitive assessment applications for their daily memory, neurological or mental health monitor!

===> There are still very few organizations which are gearing up cognitive assessment and training: some marketers are IBM Corporation, Cambridge Cognition Limited, NeuroCog Trials, ERT Clinical, Brain Resource Company, WIRB-Copernicus Group, CogniFit, CRF Health, Cogstate Limited, and Pearson Education.

<===>How many giant education other Pearson education? Innumerable

My daily devotion about monetizing what teachers teach

I’m thinking about how:

a) those teaching literature can develop, together with software developers, a new market for literature;

b) people teaching writing skills can develop software or product to monopolize the growing demands in the Online money making niche

===>People are writing while Google and other search engines are thriving the online write are paid little comparatively to what those search engine, which live on what we write online, reap n figures of billions!

c) I’m in a constant campaign of telling teachers which we can monetize what we teach while we remain good teachers;

d) I’m always appealing through my post which we should not only teach contents, we ought also to show how people who have gone throughout teaching can go beyond the traditional ways of selling services by creating “unheard before” brands, or products.


The teaching of educational measurement and program evaluation has been stagnant in some way. Experts in this field, who are think tanks for governments, have not developed significantly products which sell. Conversely, cognitive assessment experts have moved from clinical spheres to grow products which are now used in organizations to recruit the best candidates! Predictions which show how cognitive assessment and training market is growing following advancement in technology. It’s high time which educational measurement and program evaluators develop products which can me them rich and then attract the young generation in the teaching field.


Dear reader, I’m happy you have trusted me and gone through this content. Would you please leave a comment? I would be grateful to hear from YOU. I want to learn from you too about what I serve here. Thank you.

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