Ways Teachers Make Extra Money: Create Language Related Services Online

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If you’re searching solutions (not quick-acting but sure ones), you’re at the right hub! Today, I’m going to walk you through Ways Teachers Make Extra Money, especially by demonstrating that there is a growing number of demands of language related services than ever! You can then profit the boom up of Content Marketing and set new income channels that may lead to your full financial freedom! Want to know? Read on!

An Interconnected World: An Asset for Language Professionals

There are many reports about the global language services market has seen rapid growth as a result of this increasing world interconnection we observe today. The growth hit revenue value of 46.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 as Statista has claimed.

This is a huge opportunity for language professionals, including YOU fellow language Teachers! Whatever language you teach, if you see it playing the role in interconnecting the world, then think of how to act differently, be creative as you teach CREATIVITY. Practice it through acts, not via theories in your four-wall world!

If you look at the languages supported in Google Translate, there are plenty of them! If you look at the various reasons people study languages, there are many but a reason as well.

Language services demands per regions

To be clear enough, I’m going to support myself by findings in a study carried out by the Common Sense Advisory. The latter is an independent consulting company from Massachusetts that regularly carries surveys in the domain of language services. Here is how language services are distributed per location, Europe being a number one consumer!

“Love” in Many Foreign Languages


1) Europe: 53.09%

2) Anglo-Saxon America (North America): 34.82%

3) Asia with 10.49%.

In 2019, language services market value is expected to reach USD 49.8 billion.

Look at Europe for example: through its cultural and linguistic development, its demand in language services is more than 50% of the global language services market.

In USA, Spanish related services and contents are in high demand too.

Content Marketing: A fit for language teachers than Ever

Content Marketing was defined by Ramos (2013) the use of content (text, image, audio, and video) with larger marketing platform in order to propagate and boost business and optimize budgets.

A good and straight definition is traceable from Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information on all things content marketing related, Content Marketing is:

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action

Note that Content is any valuable information created and shared online (Ramos, 2013).

As language teachers or professionals, one can leverage language knowledge and profits in a number of ways that are both profitable to those professionals.

Availing Valuable Information for Free: Helping Online

There is a number of people not likely to pay for things online however cheap may be the offer. Because of the competition online, no one is likely to pay immediately whenever a language professional may ask.

To deal with this, a language professional has to SEEM to forget about selling directly services but to focus on a MONETIZED HELP, crazy, isn’t?

Help comes in as one avails free contents that language service providers out there would charge a fee and painstakingly share them online. Don’t fake help, just bring a real help to help seekers online!

For example, you’re French Teacher and you have French class audio contents (1-18 units). Upload for example unit1, 2, 3, and 5 online and ask people to request any of the preferred unit by subscribing on your email newsletter list!

Having in mind that the content are meant for an audience of French as a Foreign Language, create more contents that are free online for a while and see how users’ demand is !

Create Audience-centered contents: Pulling Marketing

Stage 1: More French as a Foreign Language Contents

To maximize your help online, search for what your target audience are hungering for or the kind of information/language service/language content they need….painstakingly provide it and avail it online.

If interested on how to monitor your audience’s needs,
visit this post What is Content Marketing About?, section sub-titled “Concrete Example: How content marketers monitor their target audiences’ wants

For example create French language contents for Novice, Beginners, Intermediate (Low, Mid-, and Advanced), Advanced, and Master levels.

You see that it’s demanding in terms of time, just make it as a project, don’t seek to provide everything in a week or copy paste from another site or e-book!

Be a good teacher…let the reader feel you’re there teaching him/her friend: avail exercises, practicum, and many activities!

Stage 2: Develop Free exercises/tests for French as a Foreign Language Contents

If you’re a professional of a language used internationally, think of exercises that are about International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language, aim at C2 level language test in EU, etc. Give guidance in preparing such tests and dig as deep as possible to show how helpful you are.

This will be pulling your readers to you! That’s all about helpfully availing valuable and relevant information to the people starving for it! Emotionally you’re well set with your readers. They start seeing in you a professional, a real teacher, and will be sharing your website posts, social media, etc. among themselves.

Encourage them to ask questions in a group (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), comment platform on your websites/blog/Vlog and attend to their queries regularly/on time

Monetizing the Free Language Services

1) Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing whereby a website/blog owner promotes products of a third party/company/or other services on his/her website.

One can promote Amazon, Click Bank, LinkShare, Microsoft Affiliate, Shopify, etc. on the website.

===>In Essence, you apply to such affiliate programs and once the application is successful, you get access to products and link them in your content (picture of a IELTS Preparation book sold on Amazon Australia for example) and once one is reading or preparing for IELTS they run into such a picture linked to Amazon. If they click on the link and buy from Amazon, you earn a related commission.

2) Through Ads

You can earn bucks through ads as your website visitors click and buy the products advertised. You get a commission! There are advertisers that Pay Per Click (PPC). Any click made on an on your website earns some commissions!

====You need to apply for this from Google AdSense, etc.

3) Through Amazon influencer program

If you have a huge numbers of followers LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube Channels, Facebook, ,etc.), you can set a big deal through applying for this program. There are commissions for products purchased through your recommending them to your followers.

4) Wealthy Affiliate

You might have heard of Wealthy Affiliate (WA), that large, renowned, and 14-year of of service for Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Program.

Referrals at Wealthy Affiliate

For WA premium members, there are many referral ways to earn through new members that upgrade to premium membership as a result of their promoting WA in their contents.

===They earn a monthly recurrent income on every person they refer to join and upgrade a premium membership at WA.

Click Here to Join Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership (free training, no card information required)

5) Through Promoting your own online and offline products

individual coaching or products that you sell on your offline store.

===>This leverages your income as well

Develop paid products

As your online business empire expands, you may think of products offered online like.

(1) Creating a course Online: offered in recorded (textual +video) or online classes, tutoring, etc.

==> If you cannot afford to create an online course as shown in this post by Michael “Creating Online Courses – Making Money with Teachable, just used simply platforms like GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.

==> Precautions to take before creating a course: Get Ideas Here

(2) Set a Translation Service

This depends on how many languages you speak, your full-time job, time management and self-regulation. People coming on your website might need this service and as you help them, they trust you. So, you can leverage this trust: don’t look at competitors around you, just trade this established relationship with your content readers.


It is possible for language teachers or professionals to make extra bucks! In this post, I have walked you through the different Ways through which Teachers Make Extra Money. Helping, through the creation of relevant and useful contents, can be monetized through affiliate marketing, ads, or other referral programs online. Creating paid Language Related Services Online and advertising them on one’s website is feasible and lucrative if your website visitors have trust in you.

Do you want to Deepen Understand on Content Marketing and Creating your Own Business online?

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More Guidance: Download This Free Ultimate Guide to Make Money Online

I would like you to leave comment about this post or any question you might have about ideas developed in it.

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