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I was thinking hard and a question came into my mind: “What do students do when they are not in the classrooms?” They do other activities or they are out for hanging out friends, etc. Then I thought it’s better that I introduce an additional different activity through these Home business ideas for students. Such ideas are all about making bucks based in one’s home or dorm. Ready to explore with me? Read on!

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Students’ Activities: Surveys have indicated

Students are reported in many surveys that they do these activities:

– Class preparation

– Following Lecturers

– Doing sports

– Connect on social media  

– Partying and relaxation

– Do work for money

– Etc

I even read a study showing time spent following lectures: some have less than 15 hours per week. I had then been asking myself what they do in the remaining time. Are they really in the libraries? Labs? Doing field work?

Studies have shown that they spent a lot of time in relaxation and leisure places, where they consume money.

What if students set their own business through content marketing?

To begin, content marketing is relatively a new form of marketing. In this marketing, one uses assets like internet network, computer (or any device allowing typing easily), and website or blog (don’t be dismayed, read on to see how website is cheap to set) to start a business from scratch to a six figures income per month!

Content marketing is a form of marketing whereby valuable information called contents (which can be in textual, audio, video or image formats) is shared and distributed to a target section of people hungering for it very much—all this distribution and share aiming at deriving a profitable action.

Content then is the shared information (Ramos, 2013).

Setting business around content: Content marketing

As the definition has indicated, there is:

– Creation of valuable information;

– There is a distribution and sharing of this information;

– Then a profitable action is likely to occur and this is what any content marketer is up to: generate a profit.

=Students can create texts, audio, shoot videos, and photos: they can be content marketers

=They can set their own business without abandoning or dropping out from school or university!


Illustrations on how it can work for every student committed to

Scenario 1: You’re a student in a food technology/biology study program or faculty. You have studied a lot on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or organic and inorganic foods.

You decide to write an article/post (800 words) on Facebook where you show disadvantages of fast foods and how they can destroy teens. Following your course notes or reading, you detail everything in a catchy way and you then suggest the types of alternative foods/recipes that are healthy for teenagers.

Scenario 2: A teen who is your friend on Facebook reads carefully your post and shares it in his/her Facebook wall, Twitter, and Instagram. Every teen who reads your profile as a food tech student or graduate while believe and they start tracking restaurants that serve the foods you recommended!

===As a food technology/biology student, you have helped online but this is only available for your friends

===A website/blog can research the world! Think of what profit it would bring as a food technology student if you were to suggest the healthy foods through sharing pictures and linking those teens to Amazon or Click Bank Stores?==>You would earn bucks! (See below about monetization methods)

See more about teens’ money spending on foods or books to have an idea of what this kind of business could generate you.

Read facts about teens money spending by Clicking this article

Ways Teens Make Money Online: Grab Your Own Way (especially the section "Facts about teens' expenditure)

These teens represent a target population in content marketing; they are your niche. They hunger for a valuable information about healthy food or how fast food destroys them.

Facebook is a platform where you share your solutions which will be shifted to website or blog if you choose to be a content marketer TODAY.

Understanding the process of making money through contents shared online

Making money online by use of content marketing has many facets that any newbie should explore diligently. The most important are:

1) Target audience called Niche: the determination of a specific market or segment of people that you will be providing with valuable information is basic to the content marketing business.

===>Question: Whom do you want to help solve problem/issues/queries/wants?

                Earn Extra Money

2) Online address: Website or blog

===>This is a daunting point for many beginners of online businesses! But Wealthy Affiliate a solution that can alleviate the burden of many as it offers a possibility for:

  • A creation of a website in three to five minutes thanks to it’s SiteRubix host service technology;
  • Integration of WordPress website tools including more than 4000 themes for those who upgrade to premium membership;
  • A six-month trial scheme (with three modules) whereby you can set at least two websites for free, and earn money through referral program even before upgrading to premium!

Click and Look inside Wealthy Affiliate Platform as Starter (It’s safe, no credit card information required)

3) Creating content to address the target audience’s wants or problems

 To be a successful content marketer, one has to bring in the spirit of help in order to come out with valuable information that is valuable and relevant to the target audience. This makes the creator of contents to be a problem-solving oriented helper; a person who monitors the audience questions/queries/needs/doubts, etc. and creates contents that effectively clears them out!

===> Help comes in as one takes TIME to see what his/her target people (information consumers) need and cater for it.

4) Monitoring what information consumers search online

There are different ways to monitor one’s information consumers’ emotions and queries. But the most specific and accurate is the use of a Keyword Search Tool. That tool helps find the average a particular key-word ( a phrase that people type in search engine like google whey they need to find something online) has been typed in a month and how competitive it is.

Low competitive key-words are helpful because titles build around them can easily be ranked in search engines top pages.

Standards for low competitive key-words are: average 50, Quote Search Research (QSR) below 100!

Jaaxy Key-word Search Tool is my favorite one

It’s free for Premium Members at Wealthy Affiliate (An experienced [14 years of service] Online Entrepreneur Certification Platform).

5) Killer-Headlines

Key-words that are low competitive should be arranged in titles/headlines that compel online visitors not to bypass but to read the contents. Killer-headlines make people feel that they might miss important information if they don’t click and read the content!

6) Huge Traffic one’s website or blog

With low competitive key-words and catchy/killer headlines, a huge traffic will come to your website/blog and huge visitors mean that potential profitable actions are likely to be taken by the visitors as suggested by the content creator.

Some monetization methods: Help Monetized

Here are the various ways a content marketer can set profitable actions (taken by website/blog visitors) possibilities:

===>By putting Ads on your website: there are Ads owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website. Others give you a commission whenever your website user clicks and buy the product advertised in that ad.

Google AdSense is the popular ad center as it displays ads to website/blog owners that fulfill their requirements

===>Through Affiliate Marketing

This is a form of marketing where a website owner promotes products owned by big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc. One has to apply for this privilege and once an application is successful, they give access to their store products unique links. A website owner then puts these links on their website. If some of visitors buy something from these stores through clicking the links or images on show website, she/he gets a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

===> By creating paid services like courses, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

All is doable and feasible for a student

Whichever level of your studies, if you’re passionate to take your future in your own hands, content marketing is making it possible to set your own business to day.


In short, it is possible to set up a biz or make money online as a student. In this post and via these Home Business Ideas for Students, I have shown how to monetize help and the scenarios shared are illustrative enough on how a business for student is feasible. Time, ideas and help are assets of a content marketer. Just find a niche, write enough content with an offer of service in mind. These will lead you to produce quality audience centered and problem solving-oriented contents. Start today.

Join Wealthy Affiliate and I will be happy to guide you inside there.

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