Teen Make Money Online: Earn Plenty of Bucks Online from What Your Friends Spend!


Did you know that you can earn from what your friends are spending? I can hear you murmur…” How that?” Well….in this post “Teen Make money online,” I’m going to walk you through how you can earn plenty of bucks online from what your friends or other teens spend. If you what to know how, just read on!

That’s your step to stop your parents’ complaints about your money spending. If successful, your will live a life to the fullest and spending your own money!


Don’t abandon school, manage your time and do your homework/assignments. I’m a teacher and student (PhD), I know it’s doable for teens who really want to make some bucks online!

Choose To work Online

If other teens are working part-time in stores or restaurants, why don’t YOU start something NEW that will earn you three or four figures monthly income soon or later? Choose to work online!

What do we know about teens spending habits?

A survey carried out by Piper Jaffray reported about teens’ money spending.

– Teens below 20 years old, that is, those born between 1997 and 2012, are accounted for more than $75 billion in spending power in USA in 2018;

– Teens under 20 years old make a quarter of the USA population;

– Teenagers on average are spending $2,600 annually on food and clothes

– Piper Jaffray findings show that 83% of teens have an iPhone, hinting that most shopping is done straight from smartphone device;

– Male teens are spending about 14% of their income into video games

==== Either through game purchases, in-game purchases, console purchases, and the like.

==== Only two categories exceeded video games for male teen spending: food and clothing

– 13% of teens answered in that survey that they consider buying more other games “now that they play ‘Fortnite,’ up from 7% in the fall”

– Males are spending more money on food, while females are spending on clothing;

How this information is precious for you

Wow! What precious information for teens wanting to make bucks from what their fellow friends spend at the daily basis!

The information is valuable in terms of telling the number of consumers of items like clothes, food, games, and their future consumption perspectives!

Start making money online from what teens spend

As I am coaching YOU to EARN from what you like most, follow these procedures and see it out!


(1) Choose an idea mainstream: by asking yourself:

 what food do I or my friends/classmates/sport mates, etc often buy?

 What shoe/apparel/snack, etc brand do I often buy or see friends/classmates/sport mates, etc buy?

 What video games do I like or do my friends/classmates/sport mates play or pay for in a way or another?

(2) Sharpen your idea to be specific by asking yourself:

  •  For foods: Can I review products like X snack, organic food, inorganic snack, and tell classmates/friends, church/mosque, etc. friends or internet users about it?
  •  Shoes or apparel: Can I review it telling friends, etc. to buy it as it is of good quality (material/shape/price/delivery, look, etc)?
  • Or can I recommend friends not to buy a shoe/apparel, etc as it is of poor quality, etc. and then rather recommend another type on the same brand because it has greater quality, etc?
  •  Can I recommend or review video games like (e.g. “Fortnite”)?

==== How: by hunting good prices? Negotiating discount and then resell? Or simply teach other teen how the game starts, progresses, etc?

====If you want to do so, as video games have tutorials, just hook on the unclear aspect of the video game tutorial and tell other players exactly your experience, friend’s, etc. and then suggest a clear solution if other players stumble into something when playing that particular game.

Case of Earning from doing products Reviews (written or video)

Reviews are easy to do and the reviewer’s creativity in impressing the readers can have huge benefits. You can posts them written or speak out through your You Tube Channel!

Let’s suppose you choose writing reviews of X or B food product. Here is a sample format:

Title: Eating Unhealthily Organic Food; “Case of organic Potatoes”

Your Name: preferably just a pen name but disclosing your full name will be more powerful to influence many

Age: By putting real age other teens will see in that a form of honesty and this builds trust in them.

School: Name it correctly

==== A catch opening paragraph: I have some information on how WE teens can deceive ourselves that we’re eating healthily while we’re NOT! I found this worth sharing…..Here we goooo!

Name of the product: e.g. Organic Potato Snacks (name the particular snack)

Price: Put it

Best place to buy it: Where? at Amazon? Walmart? Macy’s or Target??

Image: put a picture (screenshot) of the product you’re reviewing

Target consumers: mention it = it’s better to google foods recommended/not recommended for teens; these are the ones you want to tell your fellow teenagers about!

Composition of the product: Look at the product bag or casing and just reproduce that composition verbatim.

Where to share your reviews?

Just choose how easy ways that would not require much time and money investment. You can choose to use one or a combination of platforms where to share your reviews:

1) Just open a free WordPress or another service Blog or create a website: then share your reviews primarily there and then post links with the “catchy opening paragraph” as an opening sentence on Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp groups and status, Twitter, etc;

2) Become a publisher (=a person promoting big stores or companies’ product on your blog or social media) at Click bank, Amazon (US, UK, Japan, …) etc.: this will be a stage to earn from your reviews worldwide via commissions by Amazon for example, google ads, and other advertisers

3) If you have groups or a considerable number of teen or adult friends on social media (Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, etc.), check your eligibility for Amazon Influencer Program.

==Don’t you feel that Reviewing products and Recommend them is incredible??!

Team Work or Go solo?

It’s up to you…but being more that three is not helpful. Being one requires more time but being two is great as you plan together! But you have to set some regulations ruling your working together: do’s and don’ts, and sharing money, etc. If you don’t want to bother…. Go solo!

More requirements to make money online

There are some additional requirements or information you need to be a good online money maker. If you want more information, I have compiled a basic guide:

Click Here and Download a Doc. File Guide for Free


This post is mainly on how YOU as a teen can earn money online. Yes …how you can make plenty of bucks through using information about your fellow teens’ money spending. I have demonstrated how such information is valuable and given a case study format of product review. A website/blog, social media, and application to be a publisher of big store products were mentioned as other ways to leverage revenue from your reviews.

If you need to deepening your understanding about online money making, subscribe to our emails list for individualized coaching. Uncle Oscar (owner of this website) is here to HELP you.

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