Student Entrepreneur Ideas: Give them a Try


I was in my IDEAS LAB and hulas, an idea comes to my mind! Henceforth, this post that I titled “Student Entrepreneur Ideas.” I can feel you’re confused and just wanna burst and ask ME “Oscar, do you want us to fail at school….School and money making go different directions!!”

Hold it! I have got a conciliatory WAY, that’s the tips I am going to share right now. Just scroll until you finish reading. Who knows, this can be your START UP. Here we goooo!

Entrepreneurship skill: a twenty-first century ONE

My start question is why do go to school or why on earth our parents enroll us in schools? Why do government issue law about compulsory education? What is the purpose of school? Answered to these questions, especially the last depend upon who answers.

For some students, this answer to “What is the purpose of school?” is “to get good grades.”

Some parents may sound a bit different and say “to educate.”

A teacher may add—and this is clearer—“to prepare students for their futures.”

“Preparing students for their futures”, (Kaufman, 2013, p.78) got the same answers. If I break it up, the purpose for school is to help learners gain knowledge and skills needed to earn a living (through working and getting money), help their communities and nations.

Elrod (2010) emphasized that the skills students get at school should climax in their being able to ultimately generate a growing and prosperous economy. I’m not then talking nonsensically because these two individuals I have cited in here are education experts!

Among the 21st Century Skills a learner needs, Kaufman listed at the eighth position “Financial and economic literacy and awareness.” Again I’m comfortable to talk about money making as a student.

Are you too young to generate money online?

If your answer is yes, Ryan (a by now 8-year Toy reviewer) would laugh at you. Do you know what? Ryan started reviewing toys when he was 4 years old!

He now owns a You tube channel that exclusively reviews new toys or kids’ food products. The videos released on that channel features Ryan with “off-camera guidance from his parents.”

It is not a must to own a you tube channel to start your business online. But you will need it later!


Let’s start the main discussion: the student entrepreneur ideas

1) Understand the nature of earning online

Actually, earning online starts from HELPING ONLINE. There is a want or a problem that brings people online. People do not just type something in Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, etc browsers… They always have a purpose!

Either they:

  • want to lose weight;
  • need to gain weight;
  • would like tips to relieve their maladies;
  • have hair loss and need some practical solutions;
  • hate themselves and need some hits on stress or self-esteem management;
  • live addicted lives and come online to get some help;
  • are studying not doing well in writing skills, literacy, or numeracy and would like some tips to succeed;
  • need information on how to start blogging;
  • would like ideas to write about;
  • want to read job ads;
  • learn how to operate stuff like computer software programs;
  • want to see reviews (negative versus positive aspects) of products (food, toys, etc);
  • are trying to read about places they wish to visit
  • want to learn a new language
  • Etc

As you’re at school for a purpose, or ask a question to your teacher with a now-want to know, people come online with a purpose too!

There are TWO MAIN WAYS FOR BEGINNERS to earn online cash:

===> If you’re a camera fan, YOU TUBE CHANNEL is the recommended way for you (I will be back later in another post on earning a living through running YOU TUBE channel)

===>If you’re comfortable writing or typing, there is plenty of opportunities for you too.

Whether you embrace you tube path for your helping people get answer for their wants or you write tips/reviews/etc., you’d got to go online with at least some answers to their wants/problems/queries.

Now the following step is identified most where you can be helpful. You’re going to ask yourself “what am I comfortable with?” What would I enjoy shooting video about? what would I tirelessly write about?

2) What are you studying or what do you love most?

What you study can open your eyes and I guarantee that from now on, everything you’ll be studying, you’re going to be thinking of how to sell it to online visitors! what you enjoy most and love to do, enjoy writing about where lead you to solving or answering/catering specific online users’ wants/problem/queries.

Your specific help or what you’re be shooting video or writing about will target specific people’s (THIS IS YOUR AUDIENCE) needs, not every internet user’s.

3) Your target audience/your online customers

People who read your writings or watch you You tube video are your potential customers

=== Look at the stationers selling pens near your school;

===Don’t you often go to buy some stuff in a store? Do you go to buy pens at the green grocer’s?

No! Everyone has got a specific shop or store for specific products

===Online too, you need to have specific brand (what you’ll be talking about), a specific NICHE you’re exclusively dedicate your content or videos on: Women cosmetics? tips about pain in periods for women and girls? Toys for X-(the 2-, -4, 6-, 9-, etc) year old boys/girls? YOU HAVE TO BE SPECIFIC!

4) Your online address/Online stand: that’s your site, your OWN blog

You personally now where to buy what you need. It would be had for the sellers of the items you often buy hadn’t they got a specific address. There is a known shop or store and they put the item people need. There not shop there is know to be operational if it is empty!

=A person will be typing in his/her browser “new movies for 2019

if your specific contents are about movie reviews, they will be directed to your site… that’s your online/internet STAND.

5) Your Relevant content

Contents or videos are your ideas, these are what you sell online. They have to be relevant and orderly

Have you ever seen a mixed stand for soaps and flour? Don’t talk about different or irrelevant ideas. This will keep followers/users often coming to read or watch your what you’ve prepared for them.

Whichever video you shoot or ideas you write about should be relevant to the audience you have chosen to help. I have been using the word help intentionally because:

  • online businesses start as forms of helping audience with some query or specific wants. In helping, you’ve got to be as relevant as possible
  • Be someone whose contents/videos are helpful

6) Monetizing your ideas/your help

The content or video magnetization process is easy to understand:

  • You have valuable tips you share via writing or videos;
  • Since these are solutions/tips that really are helpful to those having particular wants: people needing them will be directed to your site/blog
  • If the number of your stand/website visitors is big enough (which is related to the quality of your online contents and videos);
  • You put online/on your website/blog what you think your visitors might need to buy online!
====>You can then start receiving commissions by promoting products sold elsewhere in know big stores (examples: Tao Bao, Alibaba in China, Amazon-USA, Canada, UK, Japan, etc).
====>You can also earn money from ads…(you have those ads whose owners can pay you for any click done by someone who happens to click when reading something on your website; amazing, isn’t it?

====>Later when you’re mature enough you can connect sell your offline products by delivering them to customers who have ordered them via your website.

====> If you have gained good experience, you can create a course (teaching anything you like and find promising to earn you money)

To sum up, I have walked you through a series for “student entrepreneur ideas.” The ball is in your goalie: it’s up to you to give a try. If you have understood the nature of earning cash online, content/video creation, coming out with a helpful mind rather than business-oriented, you’ll be successful. Nice journey.


If you need any specific help or more ideas, don’t hesitate to email me at I know students as I am a teacher…. I know you than most online marketers and I care about your thorough understanding of “earning cash online.

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16 thoughts on “Student Entrepreneur Ideas: Give them a Try”

  1. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. Your article is an eye opener to ways of making money online. I like writing but didn’t know how to go about it till I read your article, I hope this can give me a financial freedom. Your entrepreneur idea are so amazing. Thanks for the insight.  Best regards 

    1. Thank you very much for your appreciation.
      It’s very strengthening to here that this post has been “insightful” for you.
      Thank you for commenting.


  2. This article is absolute gold, 

    This really is the best guide on student entrepreneur ideas that I have come across with zero fluff, actionable steps and all backed up by proof and case studies. I’m super impressed.I am going to implement these tips and try out the ideas listed in this article. Thanks for the eye opener

    1. Thank you very much for you comment! This reassures me that people are getting answers for their questions and situations
      Thank you for passing and reading.

  3. This is a very insightful article Oscar, I really commend you for this.

    I do have younger ones in school who would like to earn whilst rounding up their studies

    But I must confess, even as an affiliate marketer, never have the thought occurred to me that they could possibly benefit from something like this.

    I am glad I found this post and I am off now to give these kiddies some good advice on how they can leverage what you just provided for them here.


  4. Omg this is golden oscar!

    I’ve always wanted to create a website and propel my business back while I was in college but I never knew it was possible! I had everything planned out but then I didn’t proceed as I thought it was not possible for a student to start one until I graduated and found out that it’s really easy. 

    Dang I’ve wasted so much time but I hope your article is able to help all the other beginners who are just as enthusiastic as me to achieve their dreams 😀

  5. Hi Oscar, 

    when I was leaving school, I had one regret. Although, I did a bit of entrepreneurship here and there, I regretted that I didn’t around to doing enough business as to fend for myself to a better extent. 

    To be honest, I have a secret jealousy for people that put themselves through school by being student entrepreneurs. 

    If I had been more exposed to online business, when I was in school, I would have adopted it and used it to my money making advantage.

    1. Hello!
      Yes…students that are smarter in both angles (in class and daily life) never only think to start business when they finish PhD studies!

      From the age of 18, one can trade what they like most to earn cash by their own! Guidance on “how to” is available on this website.

      Thank you for commenting, Peace!


  6. This is a full-fledged tutorial and a good one for giving some entrepreneurial spirit to students and some solid advice on the process they can follow to build that spirit out into an online business. The detail that you went into means that the reader will have no problems thinking through what they want to do and even provides some advice on how to take action.

    I liked that you also wrote this from the perspective of the higher-educational setting. This way you can connect with the students. You also added in answers to their objections, as being in that environment, you know what the likely responses will be.

    Lastly, I think that it is a good idea to build things, even while in University and studying. I had a full-time job and was feeding a family of four as I completed my higher education. That was decades ago, but it still holds true today that the experience of working while studying enriches you and makes you likely a better person.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Dave

      As a teacher researcher, I have been researching painstakingly on how students can earn their own cash.
      As I have explained, it’s not too early to earn some money, a four-year boy (Ryan) did it.
      Why not a college/university/ and ….especially a PhD student?

      Again thank you for your appreciation!


  7. Loved reading your article Oscar. Interesting perspective on earning money online. I also started a year ago and it was a fun journey. Its really encouraging to find out that we are not too young for being entrepreneurs. If a 4 year old child can do it, so can anyone.

    This should be motivational moment for anyone interested in starting an online career. Every student can start their online business about the the main topics of their interest. They can create a niche in other words.

    You laid out the steps one need to take really well. 

    Do you have any recommendations where should one find the training or some kind of support?


    1. Hello Strahinja
      Thank you for your comment. This shows engagement that Oscar is communicating.
      As far as recommendation for a good training program is concerned, believe me, I have a strong and unfailing one: Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. It has up to ten (10) Free Modules for non premium members! It cares for clearing doubts that “online money making” is not a scam!

      Visit the training site here:

  8. afolabi anumicheal

    Thanks for writing this article on student entrepreneur ideas,i must commend you for taking your time write this article, am sure many will find it useful. education and making money maybe two different things at the beginning for student. but when we look at it from the reason we go to school. it is easy us to conclude it is for money and to be a better person. Each student has what they are good at and the interesting part is that they do those things when they are less busy. That is why I don’t see the reason why a student can’t make money online and also do well in school doing what they like to do at there leisure time online 

  9. Isn’t it amazing what we can achieve in today’s world?  Boggles my mind that an eight year old YouTuber can totally make a living jut by reviewing and playing with toys. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for the inspiring article, it was a great reminder that we don’t have to settle. We can truly be anything  we want to be in this digital age. 

  10. Hey Oscar,

    It’s one of the most valuable posts I’ve read about online business. Undoubtedly the article is inspirational and informative as well. I totally agree with you, students should take these opportunities. If they join some good affiliate platform and receive some important training, they will be able to become a very skilled entrepreneur in a short period. Because their brains are fresh and lively. Through this, they will afford the expenditure of their studies. Thank you sincerely for your educational article.

    Warm wishes,

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