Physical Education Teacher Jobs: Investment in Content Marketing

Hello dear colleague;

I’m might deceive you as I’m not advertising the conventional physical education teacher jobs! But it’s more than that as the same physical education teacher can now be his/her own boss through investing in content marketing. Shifting one’s mind from physical education traditional or conventional job orientation where one has a boss is challenging. It’s hard to believe that YOU PERSONALLY can create a proper job that would earn you more income as you can teach the WORLD not just 20 students….Yes…CAN!

Content Marketing: Unknown Among Physical Education Teachers

I may be wrong but many of you see this not even compatible with teaching physical education!

Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information on all things content marketing related, defines Content Marketing as:

a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action

But I would say that content marketing has to do with getting money online trough the distribution or share of valuable and relevant information to a specific section of people/ audience which hungers or starves for such information.

In general, content is information that people read, view, or hear (Ramos, 2013).

===There is earning money online (as opposite to the conventional ways of earning). If no one teaches physical education for free but that any physical education exchanges his/her services or skills with some wage, then a physical education teacher can also do content marketing and earn money online.

===It does not require one to quit their jobs, but it may result into quitting it as online money once it starts coming in one’s wallet or purse, it is very consistent that the conventional job becomes less focused on!

Content Formats

There are different formats that a content to be shared online can take. Most frequently used are:

  1. Text: This is the easiest way of sharing contents. But they’re more competitive and easy to plagiarize! These are shared on social media, website, blogs, etc.
  2. Audio: can also be shared online, especially on blogs or websites
  3. Image: This goes hand in hand with text; a text with no image tends to be boring and does not have readership engagement. But images with no text sometimes confuse and have different interpretations.
  4. Video are popular on You Tube Channels and Vlogs

As a physical education teacher content marketer-to-be, you need both depending on what you want to help your audience about!

Texts on websites or blogs that are linked with You tube video can leverage income than either textual information or visual information alone.

Value and relevance of information: the assets of a physical education content marketer

The term “valuable” refers to the fact that the information shared must fulfill some criteria:

  • – It answers the question/query/problem/want/desire that has pushed someone to type something in a search engine;
  • – It is clear and relevant to the user’s query or want to come online;
  • – It is written in a communicative way as the content writer sounds as a real communicator helping a person with real problem to solve!

====>Users (audience) have the ability to determine that a content is valuable and relevant for them, believe me!

To manage to satisfy these criteria, a physical education has to see the audience at the center and create contents that really problems encountered by one’s target audience.

The value of help in Content Marketing

In essence, you don’t start your online business as a seller [Sorry this is sad and sudden, but it’s true]….To be a sucessful physical education content creator/writer, it’s crucial that you venture going there with this spirit: HELP.

YOU GO THERE AS A HELPER…Someone who caters for somebody else’s needs/wants/queries/qualms and who clears the audience’s questions, providing then expected and relevant physical health guidance.

To be clear, know that someone types something in Google search for example because there is something they need to know, there is a purpose of doing so! They’re looking for some guidance.

Scenario 1: Someone comes online because they have healthy issues….they need some solutions on how to lose fat

Scenario 2: YOU provide relevant information through writing (creating a video) on how to lose belly fat for example….how to minimize calorie consumption!

How to know what people are hungering for? are starving to know?

===Make quick search on social question-answer sites like Quora,,, Answerbag, AllExperts, JustAnswer, etc.

=== Visit the 6-month old tweets on physical health issues

On these sites or social media, there are short answers but as a content creator you just get an inspiration. Be then elaborate in your textual posts or videos!

====Google trends: can inspire you on how a keyword has been in demand since 2012 up today!

====Search Engines:

When I typed, “How to lose belly fat naturally” in Bing, I was also informed on “related searches that people have typed earlier!

                                                                            Illustration of Keywords typed in Bing Search Engine

==== Use Key-words Search Tools: These tools are very specific in informing how

Read section entitled “Concrete Example: How content marketers monitor their target audiences’ wants” in this post:

Click here What is Content Marketing About? to see the post and scroll down to the indicated section.

Choices of audience for physical education teacher

There a wide choice of people to serve when it comes to a physical education professional. The physical education is a child to a broader domain of HEALTH. Everyone, including yourself and me, want to keep healthy. It’s more critical for people with health issues already!

You can choose to serve the following specific niche (section of people, audiences):

  1. Women weight loss niche
  2. Men weight loss
  3. Overweight kids weight loss
  4. The niche of teen weight loss

You can be more specific and serve in the niches of specific body part weight loss:

    5. Tummy, Up-arm, double-chin or man boobs fat

Requirements to start

(1) Determine your own niche:

====Domain or a specific audience you will be serving or offering help. This is all about defining your potential customers, people that may perform actions that are profitable to you

(2) Website/Blog:

You need an online spot/hub or stand whereby your potential customers will find your help! A Website/blog/Vlog is your office online where your audience comes to get physical health guidance.

(3) Key-words: these are phrases that people type in search engines. You need to subscribe for free or paid Key-word Search Tools to have exactly what your target people search online.

I personally use Jaaxy, a powerful Key-words search tool developed by Wealthy Affiliate, the latter being a renowned and experienced (14 years of services) Online Entrepreneur Certification.

Click Here to subscribe for Jaaxy (There is a free 30-search package for new sign up)

Click Here and View inside Wealthy Affiliate (No credit card information required, and there is a 10-module free membership!)

====>Click Testimonials about Wealthy Affiliate

(4) Quality Content

You need to have ideas that you sell to your online visitors….I use the verb to SELL because your website or blog visitor is your potential customers!

(5) There is another set of requirements like huge traffic that are all resultant to the spirit of help, key-words (organized around Killer-Headlines

Monetizing Contents: Earning from One’s Help Online

Now….the big question is how to monetize your physical health guidance offer….the help/service you offer online?….Doctors charge diagnosis fees…hahahaha but not perhaps online/physical health coaches/content creators….But there is a way out too…the process to monetize your online help is simple:

Monetization process

You have solutions/tips that really are helpful online;

 People who need your tips will come to your website;

OR: you share your tips/review of a product for example in group of classmates, colleagues, as class Facebook post, etc.

If the number of people coming to your website/blog is big enough (which depends on the quality of your online contents), you will have a huge traffic….[Imagine four billion people connected on internet daily]==That’s huge!

You put on your site/blog things that you think your visitors may need given their problem that’s led them to your site.

Concrete Content Monetization Forms

===>Put Ads on your website footer: there are Ads owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website

===>Affiliate links: subscribe to big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc and they give you unique products links. Then put these links on your website. If some of your visitors buy something these links, you will get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

====>Your biggest online income is review the effectiveness of fat burning products, bicycles of burning fats, cheap tools for physical health, etc. This is where you will earn simply by writing or creating video reviewing these products!

====>By creating paid services like courses, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

====>Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has a referral program that earns premium members a recurrent monthly income for any new member they refer to join WA premium membership.


This post was created to help physical education teachers to create their Physical Education Teacher Jobs by Investment in Content Marketing. I have shown you how too, all spring out of a HELP spirit. Help people and you will monetize it as shown!

Build your own business today!

Join Wealthy Affiliate to Learn More on How

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