Perpetual Traffic Machinery (PTM): Module 3

Perpetual Traffic Machinery Training: Module 3

Perpetual Traffic Machinery Training: Module 3

Module 3


This is Oscar, Your Gap Bridger at The Gap Bridger dot net.

Welcome to Module 3 of this Perpetual Traffic Machinery training series.

I am going to walk you through the PTM's four angles:

  • The Content
  • Social Media Followers, represented by Facebook Fan Page
  • Video Media, represented by YouTube Channel
  • Search Engines, globally represented by Google

But to keep you focused, Module 3 tackles the notion of content and Social Media

Let me dive into each of the two and give a related explanation

1. The Content

1. Content

People come online because they have

either query, wants, needs, questions, or problems

They either come to look for something they don't understand

Or they come online to document their purchase decisions.

That's why even when they want to purchase something;

They make a tour online first and then make purchase decisions after getting online recommendations from well-versed marketers.

You understand then that people come online to search for something.

They COME ONLINE because they need certain information.

You're very lucky if you have foreseen their needs and availed related useful information.

So, useful and relevant information availed on your website is what is termed "CONTENT"

Ramos (2013) identified four formats of content, that is, image, video, audio, and text.

Most trainees ask me:

Which content format is the best?

Well, the truth is that great and successful marketers are using both or a combination of some

They use:

  •    audio content for podcasts
  • video content for video blogs (vlogs) and video
  • media like YouTube, Vimeo, Tik Tok, etc.
  •  image content for social media like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Textual content is the most created

Look at the textual information at Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu!

These search engines are real textual content bushes

  • Marketers also use a combination of different content formats

Haven't you ever seen video presentations? These may combine image, text, and are wrapped in a video.

==This locks in their customers forever.

2. The Social Media

From now on, here is my golden tip

Grow the Social Media number of Followers or Fans

The logic to get them is that you're behaving as an influencer while they become followers

There are stunning findings in Ramos (2013) in terms of making decisions

He observed that in any section of target customers, there is only four or five per cent of people in that section of the market, who decide for the rest.

Say you want to sell chocolates to 5.1 million South Carolina inhabitants

There will be four per cent of these 5.1 million who will influence the success or failure of your chocolate sales there

This shows that succeeding to have a big number of followers on social media makes you an influencer, rather than a mere follower

My favourite social media and easy for everyone to manage is Facebook.

This should NOT be seen as a fantasy!

Studies show that Facebook fans will be easy for you to urge to visit your website, YouTube.

And take any other massive actions like sharing content with their friends

But some folks out there have amassed followers on other social media like Instagram and Pinterest.

There is a new video media that is shaking the world of marketers:


==> 15-sec Tik Tok provocative videos are likely to GO VIRAL, which is, in essence, what you need for your videos.

 At the beginning of your journey as an online marketer, you should have between 250 and 600 Facebook fans as target limits.

But later, you can scale up the number of your fans gradually.

Task 3

Write down the following questions and start thinking about them all along the rest of this training


1. Given your availability or current job, will you create yourself the blog or website content?

 2. Which social media will you start with to grow quickly the number of your followers?

See You in Module 4,

Oscar, your Gap Bridger

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