Perpetual Traffic Machinery (PTM) [Module 2]

What's Free Website Traffic About

This Picture Asks "What's Free Website Traffic About?"

PTM: Module 2

Hello. This is Oscar at the Gap Bridger dot net

Welcome back

This is Module 2 for this training series on Quadrilateral Niche Marketing termed “The Quadrilateral Formula” (QF)

So as not to drive away some of you who are not comfortable with math, I will be using “Perpetual Traffic Machinery (PTM)” as its other alternative name

But here are my comforting words

"There are no mathematical formulas involved in this model"

Applying this online marketing formula renders your online business

Six (6) Benefits of Using Perpetual Traffic Machinery in a Business Website

  1. 1
     into the most profitable one thanks to high traffic settings in the Perpetual Traffic Machinery Angles
  2. 2
    into a semi-automated;
  3. 3
     into a time and freedom guarantee; which allows you to concentrate on creating new businesses;
  4. 4
     into a high conversion vacuum;
  5. 5
     into booming business thanks to email marketing campaigns;
  6. 6
    can be replicated into other businesses

A Reminder: What's free website traffic?

Free website traffic refers to a considerable number of website visitors coming to your blog or website.  As anticipation, huge website traffic implies potential big bucks if a website or a blog owner has embedded some high tickets income generators on that website

Best Income Generators to Embed in Website Enhanced Through PTM

  1. 1
    High-performing Ads; here I'm not talking about the cents from Google AdSense:
  2. 2
    High Paying Affiliate Offers where marketers or website owners promote other people's product on their websites
  3. 3
    Good landing pages or opt-in to allow you to build an email newsletter list

==This becomes later some sort of income stream through email marketing

Task 2

Take a pen and a notebook


Write down any questions you have so far and watch for their answers in subsequent modules of this training

Oscar, your Gap Bridger

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