Perpetual Traffic Machinery or “The Quadrilateral Formula” [Module 1]

Perpetual Traffic Machinery Setting

Perpetual Website Traffic Settings

Module 1

Have you ever heard of quadrilateral niche marketing?

Probably never…..Well, it’s brand new!

1. Its Premises: Deep Root Context of Its Rise

After a long journey in the bush called “Internet,” I, Oscar, the CEO and Founder 0f The Gap Bridger, calculated the time lost in the labyrinth of becoming an accomplished online marketer.


After a long journey in the bush called “Internet,” I, Oscar, the CEO and Founder 0f The Gap Bridger, calculated the time lost in the labyrinth of becoming an accomplished online marketer.

I’m now setting some sort of placard for my fellow side hustle teachers, students, and anyone wishing to start the online business these days.

Even if you’re already have something on, maybe you too got lost! High time then you got this high conversion digital marketing formula.

I termed it Quadrilateral Formula because it is a four-sided shape like business growth.

Hey math phobia, don’t get me wrong! There are no mathematical formulas involved in this model.

You can even term it Perpetual Traffic Machinery (PTM) if you like. This formula allows you to lock customers into a sort of:

  •  high leads and conversion vacuum;
  • High rates of new email and PUSH notification subscriptions;

2. Sore Benefits of QF Online Business Formula


Applying this online marketing formula renders your online business:

  • into most profitable thanks to high traffic settings on the 4 QF sides
  • into a semi-automated;
  • into a time and freedom guarantee; which allows you to concentrate on creating new businesses;
  • into a high conversion vacuum;
  • into booming one thanks to email marketing campaigns;
  • reproducible into other businesses

3. Four-QF Sides: Strongholds of This Formula

3.1. Lower Left Angle: The Content

People come online to search for something. They have queries/wants/needs/questions/problems.

==They need related information!

==Even when they want to purchase something, they tour online first and then make purchase decisions after getting online recommendations from well-versed marketers

 Someone summarized the importance of contents for an online business into
Content is King, Context is Queen” (author, Unknown).

== Do you know the kind respect, responsibility and untouchability of a king/queen or president in his/her kingdom/country?

==Think of creating high-quality content/information; you’ll have money flowing into your accounts!

Content can be in different formats:

Ramos (2013) identified four: image, video, audio, and text.

The question is

 which content format is the best?

Answer: Great and successful marketers are using both or a combination of some:

  • audio: podcast
  • video: for video blogs (vlogs) and video media like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • image: on social media like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • Text: Look at the Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu!
  • ==These are real textual content bushes
  • Combination: Haven’t ever seen video presentations?

The web is full of {text and image}, {text, image, audio} or {text, image, and video} information

== Just begin with textual and image combination if you’re a newbie

3.2. Social Media Followers/Fans

My favourite social media and easy for everyone to manage it is:

Facebook. But some folks out there have managed it with other social media like Instagram and Pinterest

Grow a Facebook fan page, for example, have 250-600 fans a target limits in the beginning (you can scale this gradually)

3.3. YouTube Channel

== Do you first need to be a YouTuber here by creating highly professional videos! Nope

== You just use either free or paid package video making software program (web-based or online ones) to feed your YouTube Channel

== You can easily create a short video for social media

== IT’S recommendable: Have a Tik Tok account; grow faster your traffic given its video viral-ability online!

3.4. Search Engines: Google as Their Representative

By linking your videos on social media and website(s), the high probability is that you’re getting high traffic easily and early in your marketing journey.

Just set good landing page and Call To actions on either page and blog post, social media and YouTube:

Example: Want to know more? Visit our ---(put a clickable link) ---

==Some promise eBooks! To encourage visitors to sign up on email lists, which is also reasonable.

==Giveaways are praised to get many email list subscribers!

So, promise people that signing for newsletter inbox:

  •  gives a ticket to be eligible for your….X product (worth of ‖$);
  • So, DO it (send those giveaways) by sending info about the winner of the month to all of your emails and push notification subscribers)

All this online behaviour of creating online content, sharing it on social media, uploading videos and getting them shared online!

Guess what! Search Engines (Google) will see it.

This will create a business (that I compared to a vacuum) and plenty of new customers will get into and your accounts will be flooded up with big bucks!

4. Apply my “Quadrilateral Formula” Ninja Hacks

Applying the Perpetual Traffic Machinery (PTM): BluePrint

Take actions gradually following these stages

(1) Write content on your website and build an email list through good landing pages

(b) Create a website/blog post short videos through online software (free and paid) programs. These turn your website posts into video without little energy from your part!

(2) Upload those videos to YouTube and other social media: Facebook fan page, your Twitter (if they are short enough), LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

(3) Link your site to those social media and YouTube: put video links in your post, your related articles’ links to your YouTube Channel, and social media

==Here are wonders to expect:

(4) You will lock your audience into a four-sided shape-like vacuum as you will be sending email to your email list subscribers and they will be sharing the video to relatives and friends.

 This will grow your email list, convert into money thanks to income generators put on your website: example Ads, Affiliate links, paid services, and referral programs.

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The Winning Part of the Game

  • Google and other search engines will be monitoring how your contents are shared and how your videos are played: You will get good ranks: if Google positions you on the first page in the search results, you will get tons of visitors=Traffic
  • High rank=Traffic=Money (if money generators are on the site!)

Happy and Successful of my QF: Need more training? Contact the Gap Bridger at or leave a message on any of the social media listed at

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