Online Business Ideas for Students: Ideas You Won’t Hear Often

Today, I’m going to walk you through a number of Online Business Ideas for Students…. ideas that will help you, as a student, to set your own business. I’m a teacher, I know how you people can just maneuver out and make your own business, …. it’s possible to set your own business today, using what is known as content marketing.

Two Good News

Number one, is that content marketing does not require big capitals. You can start your own business from scratch with little money a student can afford.

The other news is that as a student, you can do it, I trust you and have confidence that you can do it. This is very important; to hear someone tell you that you can set your business for almost free; these are sorts of online business ideas for students that you won’t often hear from a teacher. 

Content Marketing: What is it?

Well…content marketing content is a form of marketing whereby valuable and relevant information is shared and distributed to a specific people, a specific audience that hungers for it—-this distribution or sharing is done in order for the content owner to derive some profitable actions performed by that specific target audience.

What do I mean by valuable information? People who consume this kind of information really find it very helpful in the way that it answers some of their questions, problems, queries, or wants. As such information becomes available for them, it fixes some problem they’re having, changing then something in their lives or alleviating their conditions.

                          Ideas On your Table
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Students can do content marketing easily

My simple question to you, dear students, is the following “don’t you often share something online?“. Sure you do… you always share pictures, audio, and videos online, don’t you?

Instead of sharing information to friends, this time the target people will not only be your friends! The information shared will be different from the one you share on your social media because in creating images, texts, or videos, you will be focusing on answering someone else’s questions or cater to a want/query/desire that your target audience will be having.

Look at what you study: biology, food technology, literature, history, education, TEFL/ESL, etc…. I’m not reading what you read….. So, you have much information to share …. Remember the tips or tricks you underlined in your books, research papers, …these are answers for someone else’s problem …, don’t withhold answers that may save others’ time/money/health/…..

Scenario 1: You’re an ESL/TEFL students and you have studied in your classes areas where TEOFL or IELTS tests sitters often have trouble. You decide to offer some help online to anyone who would require it.

====> You read IELTS or TEOFL experts’ reviews of the main mistakes committed in these tests. You map the areas, give more corrected example on those difficult areas. You upload all the difficult areas and solutions online.

Scenario 2: On the other side of the globe, many people preparing their TEOFL or IELTS come online to see the different areas of difficulties in such tests and solutions available.

====>They type “Areas difficult for TEOFL sitters” and they are often directed to your posts online and find that you’re a TEFL student. They believe that what you share is authentic and will read it. They will often share this post among themselves and it will go viral!

                               Help Online

Help online: The spirit that saves online marketer

This is something controversial …. I know that you need money, but the trick is that money online is made through help online. Then there is a way to monetize HELP YOU OFFER ONLINE!

This will shift the way you share information: from now on you should focus on the audience’s wants/desires or wishes, not ON YOURSELF; otherwise, you’ll fail!

====> But you should know what queries/problems/wants people hunger solutions for, don’t you think so?

Monitoring people’s emotions, wants, and problems

How on earth do we know what people are looking for when they come online? There is a number of ways we can use to monitor what people are typing in search engines. Knowing their purpose to come online helps the content creator to be problem-solving oriented and create then contents that answer the online visitors’ queries/wants/problems/doubts through providing valuable information. YOU HAVE TO DOCUMENT YOUR ANSWERS then before otherwise they won’t be valuable.

Key-words Search Tools: Powerful to monitor one’s audience wants

There are various tools that are used to monitor how or what people are searching online/typing in search engines.

Keywords search tools are very important in that they help us determine accurately the average number of how often key-words are typed in search engines. This then assists us in coming out with low competitive key-words (key-words where their is not much competition) otherwise with high competitive ones, it’s difficult to rank or get listed among the search engines’ top ten titles on the first page!

Standards for low competitive keywords: (monthly) average=at least 50, Quote Results Search (QRS) below 100.


People that you’re trying to help people are your potential customers. You strive to create contents that answer their wants or problems. Otherwise, they’ll walk away and when a potential customer walks away this is money that goes away to another SELLER! Yes …o your competitors.

Killer Headlines

Don’t be horrified …. These are simply headlines that are very compelling, they compel people/potential readers NOT TO SKIP without reading. These kinds of headlines make potential readers believe that there is a lot of information they might miss if ever they skip and do not CLICK on them. Such headlines are going to bring many visitors to your website because they will be compelling them to come, they are catchy enough to do that.


Your website or blog is very important; it is a key to your business. As a content marketer, you cannot operate online if you don’t have address online.

A website or blog is the place where people will be directly from search engines to come and they provide themselves with what they would like: answers to their questions, queries, etc. Otherwise, if contents are on your computer, flash disks, etc. they are not helpful, thus not yet valuable. The same is when you only publish them on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. they will have little impact as only YOUR friends will access them. But when posted on a website, they are available 24/7 time to everyone on the five continents! So, your potential customers are on the five continents too.

I know that this aspect of “website or blog” owning is really is daunting for many. But there are services online that could be helpful at a lower cost:

1) SiteRubix is a Host Service developed by Wealth Affiliate (WA), the Online Entrepreneur Certification Giant.

====> You can build your own Website in less that three minutes if you’re a premium member thanks to embedded technology that is availed at this 14 year-of-service platform.

====> This is my number one recommendation as they train content marketers, they have suitable hosting and support services for such end than any other because they are in the domain of content marketing training.

====> If you upgrade to premium membership, you simply pay $49/month (which is discounted as you pay for six or twelves moths at a go) and get a package of: (1) host service, (2) website creation (in less than 5 minutes), (3) a Key-word Search Tools that is availed, (4) get access to Referral Program recurrent monthly income, and (5) earn from every domain name a referral at Wealthy Affiliate of yours buys

Click Here to Join Wealthy Affiliate as Starter (Free Member), [ it’s safe as no credit card information is required]

2) Blue Host can also be a great website hosting and it’s popular out there. Click and See it by yourself

3) Popular is also Blue Host China for Asia and Pacific region and if you want to check reviews about it, Click Here; it is an insightful account

Getting Ranked in Search Engines

Getting ranked in search engines among the top ten titles on the first page of search engines should be an ideal aim for each of the post you’ll be creating. This will make it possible to have website visitors attracted by the killer headlines! The more the visitors, the higher probability is that they take profitable actions and then you stand a great chance to earn money ONLINE. That’s your business then that will start being operational!

Monetizing Contents: Help that can pay off Huge

Below is the list of the different methods used to monetize your help online:

(1) Put Ads on your website: there are Ads owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website

===> Apply for Google AdSense to get the most popular ads distributor online

(2) Affiliate links or affiliate marketing:

===> Subscribe to big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc and be promoting their products on your website/blog. They give you a unique link put on your website and if some of your visitors buy something from these stores, you will get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

(3) Paid services: the creation of products like courses/paid exercises, coaching, webinars, etc. is very lucrative. What’s more, you can even connect your offline or online (translation, data analysis, etc) services and advertise them on your website/blog.

(4) Referral Programs: these are programs that allow members to make money online through referring some services or premium subscriptions to others.

               Wealthy Affiliate Landing Page

A patent example is that of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) whereby a premium member is paid recurrent monthly passive income as they refer new members at WA.

(5) etc.


In this post “Online Business Ideas for Students,” I have walked you through how you as students can set your own biz. These are Ideas You Won’t Hear Often from a teacher! I have insisted that all is about help online and monetizing help has crowned all that’s been said in this post. Start your business Today!

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