Make more Money as a Teacher: Give a Try to Online Earning ASA

Dear my fellow teachers worldwide;

I’m writing this article “Make more Money as a Teacher: Give a Try to Online Earning ASA” particularly for those interested in earning extra cash. If you have been asking yourself how to start your journey to financial freedom, I’ve chosen to warm you up.

Why do I insist that you start your online business ASA (as soon as possible)? uh…just because you might discover it late and shower yourself with “Had I known it before….

You can’t believe it! But what ?

This so-called “online business” is just “content/idea business.” If you have IDEAS, YOU’RE A PONTENTIAL ONLINE BUSINESS OWNER!!

I’m going then to walk you through how it works. Scroll until you finish; this means I alert…please listen to me! Here we move!

Facts about Online Money Making: Help then EARN

This is the trick most of US did not understand before we got involved fully in online business: you don’t start business online with an idea to sell content! You simply earn from helping. I hear you say “how “what?

YOUR IDEAS===>Your potential money!

But ideas in what? Ideas in what you’re interested in most, what you like talking about, ideas springing from your expertise, what you teach, etc….. To YOUR IDEAS is always associated a potential person searching online.

Example Given (e.g.)

===>You have ideas/expertise….you’re comfortable with or like talking about:

how to manage anger/prepare healthy food/stop hair loss/teach English (or any other language), manage stress/combat suicidal thoughts/ dealing with the depressed people/cure diabetes, etc

===> Online, someone types (and your experience can help this “someone“):

How to manage anger?

What are healthy foods?

How to prepare healthy dishes?

How to get hair back/stop hair loss?

Survival English language took kit?

How to manage stress?

What can I do when I feel like wanting to commit suicide?

How to cure diabetes? How to help depressed people?

Look above at the potential want that “someone/a person online has”. It’s sad you find out that you have been searching and getting help (as you find what you sought for) but you withhold your HELP to OTHERS!


By NOT sharing your ideas online, you withhold help YOU MIGHT have given, you withhold your EARNING ONLINE, Oscar [Ndayizeye] (2019)

A user holds what you need

Imagine then if you were to share YOUR IDEAS online in a text or video formats! Someone would be helped and would learn from you.

Remember: someone comes online with a now-want, they have what they are searching for…there is a want, issue or problem they are looking solutions for…..Your ideas (in video or text) answers those online users’ queries! You’ve helped them!

Frequently Asked Questions: what is……

Content marketing: 

This is simply an online marketing approach designed and oriented to attracting and retaining a targeted/specific audience through creating, availing, and distributing relevant and consistent content/information.

Affiliate marketing

It refers to:

any way a website owner earns money from other companies through the promotion of such companies’ products or services on his/her website. Put in simpler terms, that website/blog owner earns some commission through sending new customers to the companies’ stores or shelves.

Earning money online: Steps and How it Works?

Now that I have given the two definitions, a look into THEM again would allow me to derive requirements for someone to earn money online. The basic ones are:

1. Find a Niche: This steps consists of finding your specific audience or segment of market. Simply the target audience you wish to help or for which you wish to avail some useful information.

Would like to write (offering then help) about fitness? health? food? etc

===> At this level, one just chooses the target or specific audience

I have written it in simpler words in this article:

Student Entrepreneur Ideas: Give them a Try

2. You should have a Website/blog

2.1. Clearing some confusion

To begin, the two terms differ in various aspects but they can serve the same end.

===>Blogs, from “web logs” are usually managed by one author, the language used is a bit simple and bloggers are a bit closer to their audience. One can write almost daily on a blog. That is why blogs are sometimes called “diaries containing relevant topic about products or services.”

===>Websites are bigger and huge. All blog features are found in websites. Traditionally, website owners did not show themselves to public. The website language is finer and polished than that used in blogs.

However, since bloggers are close to their readership and then are likely to earn much money from their contents or services, website owners today are out too to show themselves to public. They then gain more authority and access to their readership like bloggers.

2.2. A website/blog: Your Online stand

A website plays the role of a shop in offline businesses and it is the meeting point where people with some wants/problems/queries access your help.

It is a spot where you will be renting space for Ads (where you can get Pay Per Click commissions), you can put links from big stores like Amazon, Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc and get commissions whenever someone is directed to these stores via link you have put on your website/blog.

Note that there is a lot of business associated to this as I will be guiding you through.

(In case you need a safe and experienced hosting service platform, my preferred and recommended is SiteRubix)

3. Look for quality keywords

Key-words are themes or core ideas that your whole content/post is all about. It’s the topic covered in each post.

Why do these key-words matter?

===> If one chooses those that are very competitive, it’s hard to have your content exposed to a potential audience/user.

Good news: There are Key-Words Search Tools, the easiest being Jaaxy. You type in it a group of words and it gives you the monthly average of how such keywords are typed into browsers (e.g. google, etc) and how competitive are such key-words. The lower the competitive index, the higher the chance your title will stand to be discovered in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc)

Sign Up for Jaaxy & Get 30 Searches,

4. Quality Content

Whereas key-words are the theme your content covers and always appear in the titles, the content is the information you share as a whole. Since whatever you write is meant to answer somebody’s want/queries/problems or to give them some help, the content should be engaging. This is achieved through:

  • Captive titles (built around key-words of course)
  • Opening paragraphs/introduction
  • Subheadings/subsections
  • Conclusion where you restate in sum what you talked about in the entire article/post

If you write based on this engaging features, people who will read your post will find that such a text is really meant for THEM, …for real PERSONS.

Adding some content relevant images or animated comics would be an added value to such engaging features to YOUR contents/IDEAS.

5. High Rankings in Search Engines

As your key-words are low competitive and your text/content is engaging, people will be directed to your website/blog as they type something related to your website content into Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc.

6. The More Traffic, The Higher Earning Potentials

As thanks to your low competitive key-words many people come to your website, then they are exposed to Ads on your posts, pictures that have Amazon store links, etc., they click on something, you earn related commissions.

Online Earning, Key to your New Money Drawer

Respected dear all, this is the short process on how YOU, as teachers you can make more money by starting your online money making journey. I believe in you, you can do IT. I didn’t myself understand how it works before I started the journey. These steps are comprehensible and everyone, INCLUDING YOU, can implement them verbatim. Don’t underestimate yourself, I’m sure YOU CAN.


In this post, I walked you through the process through which YOU PERSONALLY CAN “Make more Money as a Teacher” and I even urged you to “Give a Try to Online Earning AS”, yes as soon as possible. Choosing your niche (specific market/audience) is the starting point, owning a blog/website, choice of good key-words (low competitive), quality contents, good ranking in search engines, and then growth of traffic coming to your website.

You can implement these steps as they are feasible.

If you need a safe (no credit card info required) Free Training Program, click Free Training Packet (10 Modules on Making Money Online), this Platform (Wealthy Affiliate) is the best in the world. I took my Online Entrepreneur Certificates too.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership here.

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2 thoughts on “Make more Money as a Teacher: Give a Try to Online Earning ASA”

  1. Hi! Great topic, and you’re so right! I tried this before but I believed that I had nothing to teach people. Now I know different. I know that I have plenty to teach people, because I have tons of interests. I used to be scared of writing as well, but all you have to do is just start writing and you’ll get used to it. I still have much to learn myself, but I’m on my way. Thank you for your post.

    1. Hello Buffy;

      Thank you for your comment! Where can I sart…?uh…people out there fear the “unknown”….There is nothing scary in sharing what you like or you’re skilled at. It becomes even easy when you think of the debt you’re paying when helping other through sharing ideas and information: you too are daily searching and getting help online. It’s even motivating when you know that soon or later, you can earn from your ideas, your help. This is what I’m promoting among fellow teachers worldwide.

      Again, thank you for reading and commenting.


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