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Make Money Sharing Tips on How to Do Research Paper

 Thank you for being at my website…. I’m going to share with you how you can make money sharing tips on how to do research paper.  This is rare in the world of blogging where someone is giving you tips on how to make money putting into play your skills and   knowledge about research methodologies.  Ready to get tips on a how to make money by working from home….  especially by sharing research related tips?  Read on, please.

Points Covered in this Post

I. Deriving Meaning from these keywords Statistics.

II. Set-ups for an online business research related tips sharing 

(1) Blog/Website.

(2) Keyword Search Tool

(3)   Headings/ Titles.

(4)   Good content.

(5) Monetization Techniques.

III. How to Do Research Paper.

Definition of Research..

Definition of a Scientific Method..

Definition of a Hypothesis.

What is your research problem?.

Choosing the Right Research Method..

Research Paper Structure.

IV. Wrapping Up..

 ===>Start from below (Point I) if you want to learn making money sharing research related tips
A Blog Post Displaying how to make money sharing research related tips online
Earn from Sharing Research Tips

I. Deriving Meaning from these keywords Statistics 

While documenting this website post, I used my powerful   keyword Search tool   known as Jaaxy and I found out   that the following keywords are very recurrent online in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex,  and Bing.  He is the list those keywords:

  • help writing a thesis
  • how to make money by writing articles 
  • do research paper
  • write good thesis
  • significance of a research
  • what is the definition of research?
  • write research paper
  • types of research methods
  • how to do research for a paper
  • do research paper

==> The analysis of these keywords (types of phrases that online searchers type in search engines)  hints  there is a big number of  people out there thirsting for  the type of information  trained researchers  like you and me  possess!  This also means that we can make a living by sharing tips to our audience.  For the time being, I am going to show you then through a case study,  how you can offer research related tips in an organized way.

 But how are you going to reach them out?

 Well… You need some sort of online address  when people will be coming  and read your tips!  Definitely, you need either a blog or website.

II. Set-ups for an online business research related tips sharing 

There is a number of setups that you should have/you need on in order to start making a living from the tips you give to online searchers.

(1) Blog/Website

A blog or website settings are no longer a terrifying thing…. Technology has come to assist us…Yes…because nowadays people with no programming background can set up their own website or blog without being geeks or techies!

I am a living example: although I didn’t do computer programming, I was able to set my own website at Wealthy Affiliate thanks to their sophisticated website builder system (Rubix) that allows anybody to create their own website in less than 10 minutes! Incredible, isn’t it?

Yes….I created mine…And here you are reading the posts I have typed with my own hands!

A website or blog is different from any information sharing outlet as it does not require any privacy settings…as many social media do!

Online biz: Sharing Information
Online Business Based on Sharing       Helpful Info

For instance, you cannot see what I have posted on my Facebook page if ever you’re not my friend on FB!

This is to discourage you: you cannot share your research related tips only on your Facebook wall or page and manage to make a living! For the sake of maintaining your online presence, you need to distribute your tips through different sharing outlets.…but the center should be your website, and then social media become your points of distribution.

(2) Keyword Search Tool

As I said earlier,  I am monitoring what people/online searchers  are typing in search engines  so as to report on the statistics  of certain keywords  that I have listed above…. This is also to underline that getting having accessing to a powerful  keyword Search tool  is very important as  it helps you monitor  a keyword  that satisfies  these qualities or criteria:

  • average:  above 100 (above 50 is okay too; these types of keywords are called low-hanging ones);
  • traffic:    the ideal index for traffic should be above 100…. But above 50 is it still okay too although we should aim high…. They higher the traffic, the higher probability people we come to your website to read what I have written.
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results):  this index   shows the competition that is around in particular keyword… Shows number of websites indexed by Google which will be competing with you if you decided to build a post around such particular keyword

===>   If a keyword  satisfies these conditions, then write a good content/ post around it.

(3)   Headings/ Titles

I don’t know    whether you have already seen it… there are some titles online you cannot resist…. You end up by clicking on them because they are catchy enough… They are very compelling…   they oblige to take clicking actions… So, you should know how  to write such compelling titles…..>>> click here  and see how   such titles  are written!

(4)   Good content

 By content, I would like to mean anything ranging from audio, image, text, or video that you can share online (website, social media, YouTube channel, etc.)

Writing high-quality contents  is going to be something that   differentiates you  and the rest of other people  who are   blogging  on the same topic   as you.  So,    high quality  then we be some sort of flavour or ingredient  that will place you  higher above your competitors.

===> To create a good content,  you need to be a problem solving oriented   content creator…. You find  a  problem  and try to  solve it.  In this way, you accumulate some kind of authority  to your website visitor as people would find that  you are an expert in what you are doing…. That you offer tips that really spring out of your expertise…. This is gaining Trust….and as your readers trust you, they can take any profitable actions.

==>By profitable actions, I’d like to mean those carried out by your website visitors, YOU GAIN from them: examples given are subscriptions to some program=they become your referrals and you can earn recurrent incentives/income out of these, click on ads displayed on your website or click and buy products that are promoted on your website through affiliate links, etc.!

(5) Monetization Techniques

  In relation to actions taken by your website visitors  to benefit you,  I would like to add that this cannot happen  if ever you don’t have monetization techniques  on your website/blog.  These may be but are not limited to:

  • advertisement/ads: Google AdSense,  Mediavine,  and many other  advertisers  are going to pay you  when a website visitor  clicks on their ads  and    buys  the product advertised;

==> most of the time you have to apply for this ads display on your website…. Advertisers sometimes have some parameters/conditions  you need to  neet  in order to be given permission to display ads on your website… Most of the time, they have to look at the number of  visitors and pages  viewed  monthly on your website.

  • Affiliate links: this is another way of earning money blogging as a blogger or website owner promotes  products  belonging to other people  or stores:

===> you can promote for example Amazon,  ClickBank,  Alibaba,   Microsoft, etc. products  and you are paid  some commissions  as your website visitor  clicks the link and then buys the product.

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  •  Referral Programs: There are many platforms that pay incentives to their members as the latter refer new members to subscribe to premium membership at such platforms.

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Here is an organizing pattern you would follow to offer a good blog/website post meant to give tips on how to do paper research.

III. How to Do Research Paper

Are you asking “how to do research paper?” Good…I’m going to answer your question and many you have not asked me…But let’s start from defining what you need to do…you have to carry a research to be able to come out with “a research paper”…this is a research-based paper. But what is research?

Definition of Research

  • A careful and detailed study into a specific problem, (Smith, 2016);
  • Systematic inquiry to describe, explain, predict and control observed phenomenon (Johnson, 2017);
  • A systematic search for answers to a particular question or problem, (Okebukola, 2014);
  • Research can be about anything, (Brown, 2010)
  • A systematic investigation (i.e., the gathering and analysis of information) designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge,” (Code of Federal Regulations (45 CFR 46.102(d))

Research is carried following a scientific method (as opposed to non-scientific ones like heavenly revelations, legend, the elders’ wisdom, etc.) It’s also better to define scientific method, isn’t it?

Definition of a Scientific Method

The Scientific Method consists of observing the world around you and creating a hypothesis about relationships in the world. It is a procedure or a way that follows a set of systematic stages in order to know something, (Fatihudin &Holisin, 2011).

Definition of a Hypothesis

A hypothesis is an informed and educated prediction or explanation about something. Part of the research process involves testing the hypothesis, and then examining the results of these tests as they relate to both the hypothesis and the world around you. A research hypothesis is then a sort of roadmap that enables you to draw conclusions (either your hypothesis is accepted or rejected) the research study.

==> Note that most non-scientific fields (e.g. humanities) use guiding questions (research questions) rather than hypotheses.

But in scientific fields (where there are numerical data or laboratory daily inventory) which exclusively make use of hypothesis testing as a starting point to determine whether the data fulfil a set of conditions like normality, linearity, multicollinearity, their being homoscedastic, etc. Then they can proceed to see whether their hypotheses are accepted or rejected.

How that?

==> A hypothesis (that researcher’s roadmap) tells him/her factors that are important to study and how they might be related to each other or caused by a manipulation that the researcher introduces (e.g. a program, treatment or change in the environment).

==>With this map, the researcher can interpret the information he/she collects and can make sound conclusions about the results.

A women stretching a help hand
     A Stretched hand meaning “You need some Guidance? “

What is your research problem?

So, now that you are reminded of these important definitions, ponder over again and come out with a problem…yes…an issue that is unsolved ….that you would like to solve.

==> A research is carried out to get data (information) that are used to solve a given problem! Due to that fact, any research that is carried out should depart from on a problem that is not yet solved (Sugiyono, 2014). The same author has said that if a researcher has already an issue/problem to investigate, 50% of the research is already over!

Choosing the Right Research Method

This is very great …So, I cannot help commenting on it: a wrong choice results in inconclusive conclusions …yes…rootless conclusions. It’s very terrible to derive conclusions from false claims …you know…It’s like try to convince people using “hearsay” statements!

==>Research methods show “How can the knower/researcher go about obtaining the desired knowledge and understandings?” (Mertens, 2011).

==>The part of research methods indicates the methods or techniques used in a research and should be clear. The researcher should take heed and make no mistake in his/her sampling, data collection, data analysis technique, and hypothesis acceptance or rejection, (Fatihudin &Holisin, 2011).

Research Paper Structure

There is a conventional structure for most articles. Cargill and O’Connor (2009: 9) termed this structure as AIMRaD, the latter standing for: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, and Discussion:

Research Structure
Source: Cargill and O’Connor (2009: 10)

There are many formats or structures depending on the fields of research and research schools/trends.

I cannot pretend to be exhaustive about how to do research paper…But if you need a practical and more academic guide, download Writing scientific research articles: Strategy and steps Review (Then you can proceed and download/order the book online later after hearing what other researchers have said about it irrespective of their fields of research).

Referencing Styles

In the writing process, you should avoid “Plagiarism” and this is achieved through acknowledging other people’s ideas and scientific works. To do it well, you have to choose the referencing style. If your paper is meant for publication in Scopus indexed journals, the journal has usually the referencing style everyone should adopt. But it’s better to familiarize with American Psychological Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA) referencing styles.

Please, I insist that you download or order this “how to do research paper companion” book! It is going to help you a lot as I cannot detail, lest I can make you seek due to the length of this blog post!


Cargill, M., & O’Connor, P. (2013). Writing scientific research articles: Strategy and steps. John Wiley & Sons: West Sussex

Fatihudin, D.,& Holisin, I. (2011). Cara Praktis Memahami Penulisan Karya Ilmiah, Artikel Ilmiah dan Hasil Penelitian Skripsi, Tesis dan Disertasi. UPP STIM YKPN: Yogyakarta

Mertens, M. D. (2010). Research and Evaluation in Education and Psychology. Integrating Diversity with Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods (3rd Ed). London: Sage

Sugiyono. (2015). Metode Penelitian Pendidikan: Pendekatan Kuantitatif, Kualitatif, dan R&D. Bandung : ALFABETA, CV

Course Notes by Prof. Okebukola, 2018-2019

Wrapping Up

In this post, I have walked you through how you can make money sharing tips on how to do research paper. It’s easy as you will be sharing what is in your veins….You have research skills and knowledge to share…setups you need to put there to make a living from these tips sharing include a website/blog, keyword search tool to monitor what searchers type in search engines and skills related to writing catchy titles and high quality contents. With monetization techniques on your website/post, you stand a great chance to earn online.

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