Five Insane (But True) Things about Make Money Online as a College Student

Hello dear college students;

Today, I have chosen to share with you this “Insane (But True) Things About Make Money Online as a College Students” as I see that most students do not exploit maximally their precious resource: time! My intention is not criticized but to show you another version of time use that can guarantee more financial safety in the future. Yes, I’m going to break silence and openly suggest that you try the “Content Marketing” thing as alternative to make more money online!

Here is a list of true things (but which may sound insane for some) that are hindering  college students from making money online.

1. Misuse of their Critical Resource: Time

According to Statista, seemingly there are students (doing history, computer sciences, political sciences, speech, leisure studies, finance, sociology, psychology, journalism, communication, marketing, etc.) who spend less than 16 hours in class a week! The question is “what are they doing all the remaining time?” Are they doing:

Library work?


Field work?

            Number of hours Some USA Students spend in class weekly :

The answer is that deceiving, according to a recent survey, “students substitute partying with studying(NSSE). The time use is also covered in Campus Grotto and similar phenomena are mentioned!

Since these websites are either using their own survey findings or those from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the conclusions they draw make sense to me but what next?

====I would like the college students to re-orient or relocate their time and begin the content marketing business online!

2. Embrace either Quick-money or get-rich-quickly Schemes

Most students are going for quick-money schemes like:

Taking Surveys, selling notes, website testing, getting small gigs, reselling textbooks, doing transcription of different data or documents, answering mystery calls (with 5-$15/hour), etc.

The studies mentioned above stipulated that most students spend 3.1 hours trying to earn some bucks out there, which is a good idea.

Others are dragged in scammy schemes because the scammers are exploiting the college students’ lust for quick and get-rich earning methods!

But I was thinking hard and I can’t HELP sharing my observations:

What if one makes a decision to start something new by dedicating rather their time to start up some business of their own and where one day they may need to HIRE a CEO while they continue their college studies?

===This is doable and achievable! There are kids that are making $10 million a year on You Tube Channels, why NOT YOU? With your English, your likes, your favorite class knowledge? Decide to day and build a business that will be giving PASSIVE INCOME, that’s what content Marketing leads people to: make money while sleeping, while following their classes!

3. College almost Know Nothing about Content Marketing

Swabucks is known to most students than Content Marketing, simply because the latter is not a quick money scheme!

By the way, Content marketing is a new form of marketing whereby someone (content marketer) distributes or shares valuable or helpful information (content==>image, text, audio, audiovisual) to a specific people hungering or starving for this information.

It works as follows:

Suppose you have some tennis skills, you (content creator, maker) share videos or textual information on how “How to Become a Professional Tennis Player” for example.

You share information for newbies, intermediate, and advanced tennis players!

On the other side of the globe or in another province, country, etc. there is someone attracted by a tennis game who needs some coaching!

In other words, if your information (content) is helpful enough (valuable), people will come to learn from you! Your website/blog or You Tube channel are going to be their learning hub!

===I have given this instance using “tennis”, you may have another preferences of game, but what I know is that there are plenty of areas that are having a big market for contents. These areas include (from the most profitable to the least):

  • Weight loss (either for men, women, teen) in general or for a particular part of the body (boobs fat for men, women, teens, kids; tummy fat, arm-pit fat, etc);
  • Weight gain: some people out there are struggling that they eat but are still skinny! Help them gain weight;
  • Muscle building
  • Dieting: Want to talk about organic versus inorganic foods? Juicing?
  • Stress management: if you’re studying psychology or fan reading books in this domain, this can help you secure or save mental healthy for many===>Self-confidence, self-esteem, etc can all be your area… But be specific and choose one!
  • Spirituality, blogging for money as a teen, etc can all be other promising areas!
  • Creating a course online! You know many things, what if you teach them to a given category of those needing what you know?

4. College students Like Spending Instead of Earning

The studies I have quoted in this post have shown that socializing and relaxation (6-10 hours a week) are second to preparing for class in term of time spent on by students!

What if one cuts time of partying (which is 3-5 hours a week) and social media (estimated to be 3-5 hours/week)?

==One can invest most of this time in one’s own business! Don’t worry, when you will have money everyone would like to be your friends! You will choose good friends that really would love you even if you would have no single penny!

Leisure time for those who really have bucks to spend will remain as long as planet earth will be there!

Time is money===Managing your time, especially by putting time in no quick-money scheme like content marketing, you will achieve goals of your dreams while still at college!

5. College Student Hardly Understand Turning their Likes into Assets for Online Business

1) Facebook: instead of spending your time on Facebook chatting, one can share what they have written and this can be a good drive of your website or blog visitors

===>The number of web visitors or social media followers is useful to get permissions to display ads on one’s website;

===>The number of web visitors or social media followers is useful to get permission from Amazon Influencer for example!

===>The number of web visitors or social media followers is useful to get permissions from Linkshare Advertisers and many more including Amazon Affiliate/Associate Program which allow a website owner to promote other companies’ products on his/her website and get commission whenever a website visitor buys a product promoted there!

2) Sports/Exercises: can be leveraged by shooting your exercise period! This can be refined and get many followers on You Tube, which can earn you bucks from Google AdSense!

3) Relaxation and socializing

This is money consumption or spending! What if you decide to be sharing to college students or teens how to spend little money on relaxation or socializing? How to cook healthy food to take to relaxation or partying places? It would solve some problems for parents and your fellow students themselves!


In this post, I have walked you through five insane things about Make money online as a college students. These things should be fixed and be substituted or oriented to creating content that would help college students move to the frontier of their financial independence instead of relaxing and partying! Content Marketing can be a reliable solution if ever one fixes these insane issues.

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