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Today, I’m going to have as guests people who speak the same jargon as me. I’m a data analyst and I’m going to walk you through how you can exponentially increase your monthly income through content marketing. To be honest, this is not a quickly-get-so-rich scheme but if you want proven ways to patiently set your income to six figures a month….just read on to understand how!

In this post, you’re going to study about:

  • Content Marketing for data analysts
  • Affiliate Marketing as applied to data analyst
  • Spirit of help: Bullet Proof for content marketers
  • High demand on data analysis techniques
  • Settings for data analysts to increase their income
  • Content or Help Monetization

Content Marketing for data analysts

This concepts might seem new for newbies in the area of internet marketing. But it is easy to understand as I am going to make the definition so simple.

===> Content marketing is a form of marketing whereby valuable, helpful, and relevant information is availed, shared, and distributed to a specific audience that hungers badly for it; all this being done to derive profitable actions (taken by that audience) that benefit the creator of that information.

===> Concretely, someone creates helpful information (content) and avails it to anyone who needs it (audience) in exchange of profitable actions that are likely to be taken by the readers of such information.

===> So, content (which can take an image, audio, video, or text format) is then that information viewed and heard online (Ramos, 2013).

A content marketer is going to be you then…a person who creates contents (pieces of valuable information) to make bucks online.

The types of contents a data analyst can create and which are in high demand are:

1) Review computer program software;

2) Teaching/write or shoot video teaching data analysis software programs;

3) Review compatibility between data analysis computer programs and computer OIS/system;

4) Create paid course/tutorials for teaching computer programs;

5) Give computer programs suitable for qualitative and quantitative data

6) Compare data analysis results with the use of different computer software programs and draw implications;

7) Render freelancing data analysis services on your website or blog without any competition around

8) etc.

Affiliate Marketing as applied to data analysts

To begin, affiliate marketing is not as new as content marketing; the former existed long before that advent of the latter!

===> Affiliate marketing consists of promoting someone else’s products, goods, or services on one’s online or offline stand and gets commission whenever the services or products promoted sell.

====> Concretely, a data analyst who owns a blog or website promotes big stores’ or companies’ products or services on his/her website; she/he gets a commission for each purchase made following such promotion of those products!

Once one has already set a website or blog up, to earn from affiliate marketing they have to apply for such programs. There are plenty of excellent, good, bad and worse affiliate marketing programs! One must review them before applying for such product promotion.

As a data analyst, you can promote Amazon’s, Click Bank’s, Shopify’s data analysis related books, computer software programs from companies developing them, etc.

===>Think of the books about data analysis on Amazon USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc.!

===> In computer and software compatibility reviews, you can promote computers and the very software programs and get related commission for each purchase made.

===> The good news about putting affiliate links in your contents is that they generate PASSIVE INCOME…. While sleeping, you may wake up and find that someone has bought plenty of items through the links and that you got your due commission!

Spirit of help: Bullet Proof for content marketers

I can’t help being frank on one thing….it can turn you away …but I would be scummy of me if I were not to reveal it:

===>In Content marketing business, one does not start it as a seller….but as a helper!

A women stretching a help hand
Let’s stretch a help hand while earning bucks

===>To succeed as a data analyst content marketer, you bring in the spirit of help! This then will push you not to fake help but rather will in you a feeling of being exhaustive and helpful. Gradually, you will grow a spirit of taking the pain of carrying online search, reading academic papers and articles on some themes, etc. on behalf of your audience with no immediate gratification at all. The precious outcome of such a spirit is that you come out with valuable information and relevant to the target audience, which scores you higher in their view.

You become a problem-solving oriented helper; a person who monitors the audience’s questions/queries/needs/doubts, etc. and creates contents that effectively clears them out!

===>Help comes in as you take TIME to see what his/her target people (information consumers) need and cater for it.

More concretely, you will monitor your target audience’s (students, teachers, professionals, etc. in data related fields) problem:

What do they type in search engines? For example, I have monitored what is typed in search engines and found that

(1) the average of how the phrase or keywords “Data analysis software” is searched in search engines is 2799 per month!

(2) the average of how the phrase or keywords “qualitative data analysis software ” is searched in search engines is 323 per month

===> This monitoring indicates that many people are searching help on data analysis related problem. This has pushed me to alert you that the market you’re trying to wait for offline can be tripled if you start your content marketing online. It’s the spirit of help that is animating me, though I may get some commission if you take actions….hahahahaha…

===> The spirit of help will shelter you from failure…..the failure’s dart will miss you forever!

High demand on data analysis related valuable information

As I have indicated under the heading of “Content Marketing for data analysts,” there is a big section of people hungering for information you may share! Yes….there are many people who need professionals like me and you to guide them on data analysis techniques, stages in carrying X analysis, etc. There is a huge demand and the use of A Key-word Search Tool (I personally use Jaaxy) has demonstrated that people are typing phrases related to data analysis field

===> You may take for grant these keywords or phrases typed by searchers in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc! But they are very informative because you know and monitor your particular audience’s needs through these phrases!

Look at this screenshot about “data analysis software programs”: the fact that most of the keywords are above the average of 50 searches per month indicates that people out there need reliable information from professionals…. It’s a paid help…..even though it is not done like it works for medical doctors….but soon or later really pays off huge, believe me!

====> Just Teach, review or compare x and y items and recommend…people will take actions….by purchasing what you promote, which leaves you commission!

Settings for data analysts to increase their income

Below are key requirements to earn bucks online as a data analyst content marketer:

1) Determination of your Target audience, which is termed Niche:

=== the determination of a specific market or segment of people that you will be providing with valuable information is basic to the content marketing business.

In your case it will be students, teachers, professionals, etc. in data analysis fields; plus academics who want to analyze data for their scientific publications.

2) Online address: Website or blog

This is a daunting point for many data analyst who work offline! But Wealthy Affiliate offers some integrated solutions, which can really alleviate the burden of many:

– Creation a website in three to five minutes thanks to it’s SiteRubix host service technology;

Create your website in less than five minutes at Wealthy Affiliate

– Integration of WordPress website tools including more than 4000 themes for those who upgrade to premium membership; (pricing: $19 first month, $49/month; with the possibility to get discount if you go yearly or pay 6 months at a go)

– A six-month trial scheme (with three themes) whereby you can set at least two websites for free, and earn money through referral program even before upgrading to premium!

====> Alternative to this is to go solo and start a WordPress blog, buy a domain name, and pay a fee for hosting service…. No further training about how to set what when….

Click and Look inside Wealthy Affiliate Platform as Starter (It’s safe, no credit card information required)

3) Monitoring what information consumers search online
As I have said, a good content creator monitors his/her information consumers’ emotions and queries. By visiting question-answer social websites like, AllExperts, Quora, etc., one can see what people are trying to ask about data analysis…. You can then create contents that go deep in these particular concerns and give related solutions.
But the most specific and accurate is the use of a Keyword Search Tool. That tool helps find the average a particular key-word ( a phrase that people type in search engine like google whey they need to find something online) has been typed in a month and how competitive it is.

Low competitive key-words are helpful because titles build around them can easily be ranked in search engines top pages.

Standard for low competitive key-words are: average 50, Quote Search Research (QSR) below 100!

4) Killer-Headlines
Key-words that are low competitive should be arranged in titles/headlines that compel online visitors not to bypass but to read the contents. Killer-headlines make people feel that they might miss important information if they don’t click and read the content! The most popular structure of killer-headlines will have (1) words like “Ultimate Guide for…..”; “Top……”; (2)Number, e.g. “Top Ten……”; (3) Negatives for instance “Lies that So-called Experts Tell about….. “

5) Huge Traffic one’s website or blog

If you have low competitive key-words and catchy/killer headlines, a huge traffic will not be a problem….and when you have a huge number of website/blog visitors this means you have potential customers; potential profitable actions are likely to be taken by the visitors as suggested by the content creator.

Content or Help Monetization

There are various ways to monetize one’s contents or help offered online. The most popular are:

===>By putting Ads on your website: the display of Ads can be lucrative as there owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website. Others give you a commission whenever your website user clicks and buy the product advertised in that ad.

Google AdSense is the popular as it displays ads to website/blog owners that fulfill their requirements

===>Through Affiliate Marketing

You can promote products or services owned by big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc.

Just make sure you apply for this privilege and once an application is successful, they give you access to their store products unique links. Then put these links on your website. If some of your visitors buy something from these stores through clicking the links or images on your website. You get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);

===> By creating paid services or tutorials, coaching, webinars, or you can even connect your offline services and advertise them on your online hub or stand (website/blog).

====> Referral programs: there are platforms that pay incentive for their members to refer the very platform services to friends or others. If new referrals upgrade to premium membership or subscription, former members who referred them get money.

Wealthy Affiliate is among the highly paying referral program: Click and Read my related article on Referrals Programs.

Graphics and Picture of one Wealthy Affiliate Member's Earning
                                My Mentor Jerry and his $100K graphics (at Wealthy Affiliate)


In short, I have walked you through how you can exponentially increase your monthly income through content marketing. I have equally stressed that these ideas are not quickly-get-so-rich scheme! Patience and the spirit of help can lead a data analyst content marketer to six figures income per month provided that all is set well. Through the creation of audience oriented contents, one can retain or connect emotionally to his/her website visitors. Since there is seemingly a high demand for data analysis valuable information, YOU STAND A BIG chance! Snatch it please and start content marketing Today.

I took many Online Entrepreneur Certification classes from Wealthy Affiliate! It’s an incredible platform …. Join it Today and I will be happy to guide you inside there.

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