How to Earn Money Online Works

Your journey to being an online business owner

Dear teachers/students/government or private workers;

Dear anyone that has been looking for possibilities to generate extra income;

Did you know that earning money online really works? I have written this post to walk you through “how to earn money online works.” Yep…It does work, this is not a scam! You’ve got only to be patient. This is gonna work for me, it’s promising!

Earn Extra_Money

Are you TOO busy? I’m too but I manage to…

I have got something that can work for YOU….yes for you however busy, whatever situation you’re in now…..

Working as an Online Content Market Owner can be a SOLUTION for your financial issues, who knows?!!…..

Buuuuuut…..I don’t like to DECEIVE you as many scammers do online….You have to be organized and have self-regulation principles….what else….em…most especially TIME MANAGEMENT!

Online Money-Making is not a Scam

Generating income online is not a SCAM….it’s something real….a teacher (I am also a teacher) can do it….I have been researching into how students, aged 18 up to PhD students [I am a PhD student too] can make decent online money. I have been in my IDEA LAB, read about entrepreneurial gift ideas from versed guys and have found that one can make clean money online!

I say “clean” because some dudes out there are lying you by promising the sky to their listeners (Hope you won’t be ensnared in their nets!)

Is it logical or ethical?

Making money being a student or teacher is sound and ethical….If you’re a teacher…a student…anyone with college education, you’re aware of or have taught or heard that entrepreneurial skills are among the twenty-first century skills….We’ll be using these skills….as educational stakeholders….we have a theoretical background….a cover….and it’s not counter ethics to talk about money making online, is it? 

How does it work?

Here is what it requires starting as an online marketer:

1) The target audience for your online business:

=== Look around you and will find that there are green grocers, bookstores, ironmongers, fashion shops, drapers, and the like.

===Online too, you need to have a specific brand to sell to your audience, people that will be visiting your online/internet stand. This technically is termed NICHE. You have to start thinking of a specific audience you wish to help.

2) Online stand: that’s your site, your OWN blog

See what you often do: if you need some vegetables, you know where to go, if you need some pants, you know where to buy them.

===A person will be typing in his/her browser something….if it matches what you offer, the person will be directed to your website/blog, that is, to your online/internet STAND.

3) Your content: You need to have ideas that you sell to your online visitors….

===> In essence, you don’t start your online business as a seller [SORRY FOR THIS SAD TRUTH]….YOU GO THERE AS A HELPER…Someone who caters for somebody else’s needs….

===Someone types something in their browsers because there is something they need to know….they’re looking for….they have a now-want for!

Illustrative Examples

a. Someone comes online because they have healthy issues….they need some solutions on how to lose fat….as a teacher/student of physical education, nutrition sciences, …you have got a plenty of possibilities to help….>>>>>>How? Through writing how to lose belly fat for example….how to minimize calorie consumption, weight lifts to work out a body part fat block, etc.

b. There are online users needing a guidance to better their writing skills….as a writing skills teacher/learner you can make your own niche about writing skills…Whoever is seeking something in writing skills, better one’s writing skills, etc can get solution from your website/blog.

Hope it makes sense!

c. Many young people hate themselves….they have low esteem…as a psychology teacher/learner…you can help people to boost their self-esteem through sharing workable tips on your blog/website.

d. You’re a PhD student….you see the science you’re exposed to….you may find some more useful stuff among what you study…and share tips for example on data analysis techniques, use of computer data analysis software programs, basic research methodologies, and many more hints.

Many people (researchers, master students, etc) are struggling to have a mastery of what YOU ALREADY know….sharing these tips is all about solving their problems….

e. You’re a worker in a public or private company or any organization…you’ve go plenty of tips on how to maximize a training effect, evaluate programs/projects, overcome situations with a tough boss, etc…

I felt a must to exemplify what teachers, students (in all the educational fields or pathways), and workers in various sectors could share online.

The big question: how do YOU monetize your help?

It’s a laughable matter to monetize help, isn’t it? Yes, it is but the online help/service you offer online has to earn you a living or extra cash!….Doctors charge diagnosis fees…hahahaha but not online marketers….

But there is a way out too…the process to monetize your online help is simple:

==>You have solutions/tips that really are helpful to those having particular wants;

==> people who need your tips will come to your website;

==>if the number of your online reader is big enough (which depends on the quality of your online contents), you will have a huge traffic….[Imagine four billion people connected on internet daily] ==>That’s really huge!

==>You put on your site/blog things that you think your visitors may need given their wants/problems that have led them to your site. You don’t have to sell anything directly, remember that?

==>You can then earn commissions by promoting products sold elsewhere (amazon-USA-Canada-UK-Japan-, Click Bank, etc). You can also earn money from ads…there is plenty of monetization channels….these will be covered later here too…or click in search icon on this site to see other alternatives of monetizing your traffic.


In a nutshell, it is possible to make online money being a teacher, student, or a worker in any busy industry. Just find a perfect niche, write enough content with an offer of service in mind.

These will guide you to produce quality contents and these will be indexed (for example google becomes aware that you’re helping others through your writing) in search engines like google, bing, biadu, etc.

If google has enlisted your contents, they’re be discoverable online. You have then the possibility to help someone who needs the tips you’ve shared! Nice journey as online business owners!


If you find it convenient, just subscribe for more free tips or click the banner about money making coaching at Wealth Affiliate. Thank you

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