How to Earn from Home Giving Hints on When Use ANOVA

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I. Introduction

This is another series of tips on “How to Earn from Home Giving Hints on When Use ANOVA” I would like to offer to my fellows data analysts or statistics graduate (Master’s/PhD)/teachers ../students. I know that you’ve got plenty of work and most of the time you don’t need this kind of online business….

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===> Just enjoying your present job and doing no investment or side hustle…it’s “putting your eggs in the same basket!” (Sorry for this sad truth!)


  1. Introduction..
  2. Website content Sharing: What business It?.
  3. Key-settings your need..
  4. Techniques for Monetizing Statistics Related Contents.

A Sample Post: Statistics Related Tips Sharing.

5. Tell Me When Use ANOVA in Research..

5.1.    What is the meaning of statistics?.

5.2.    What is the importance of statistics?.

5.3.    The concept of Analysis of variance ANOVA..

5.4.    Purpose of using ANOVA..

5.5. Which Type of ANOVA to Use When: Cases.

6. Wrapping Up..

II. Website Content Sharing: What Business Is It?

To begin, I’d like to mention that a content refers to information that is viewed and shared online, (Ramos, 2013). That information can be in different formats namely text, image, audio and video. In one word then, you can create a content (= helpful and valuable information) and a share it to an audience that is starving for this kind of information.

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III.  Key-settings your need

To perform well in this enterprise, I have set you a series of settings you have to put there in order to succeed. This set of settings includes (1) having a website/blog, (2) search for low competition keywords, (3) knowing to write attractive/ catchy/killer-headlines, (4) writing quality contents; the combination of 1-4 will enable you (5) to be ranked in a top pages of the search engines like Google,   Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.   As results, you will have (6) huge traffic on your website/blog.   with a huge traffic on your website, you have probability earning money from website/blog.   Those are the settings that you need to put into play to earn a living from your statistics tips.

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IV. Techniques for Monetizing Statistics Related Contents

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A Sample Post: Statistics Related Tips Sharing

V. Tell Me When Use ANOVA in a Research

ANOVA (analysis of variance) is a term that many people confuse. Laymen or newbies in the field of statistics are confused   when asked to give the definition of the word ” statistics”

5.1.  What is the meaning of statistics?

===> Understanding the word statistics is going to be a foundation to understand what analysis of variance is.

a. Statistics (singular)

It is a science that deals with the principles and methods used to collect, classify, organize, synthesize, and present digital data, and then, with the help of related probabilities calculation, analyze, interpret, draw conclusions and make sound decisions based on these numerical data, (Ouellet, 1985: 3-4).

===> you may say Oscar….”that’s a very old definition”… well it’s just take you back to the fathers of Powerful proponents and teachers of this science called statistics

b. Statistics (plural):

==these are numerical data

5.2. What is the importance of statistics?

make sound decisions based on these numerical data (Ouellet, 1985: 3-4).

5.3. The concept of Analysis of variance ANOVA

It is a development by Behrens-Fisher problem, so test-F is also used in decision making. The analysis of variance was first introduced by Sir Ronald Fisher, the father of modern statistics. In practice, ANOVA can be a hypothesis test (more often used) and an estimate (estimation).

In general, ANOVA tests two variances (or variations) based on the zero hypothesis that both variances are the same. The first variance is the variance between the example (among samples) and the second variance is the variance in each instance (within samples). With this kind of idea in mind, you can now understand that the analysis of variance with two examples will give the same results as test-T for two average (mean).

Analysis of variance is relatively easy to modify and can be developed for various forms of more complicated experiments. In addition, this analysis also still has interconnectedness with regression analysis. Consequently, its use is very broad in various fields, from laboratory experiments to advertising experiments, psychology, without forgetting its great use in the field of engineering such as civil engineering.

Analysis of Variance or better known as ANOVA is a technique to test the similarity of several averages simultaneously. The test used in ANOVA is the F test because it is used for more testing and 2 samples.

ANOVA can be classified differently according to criteria to be observed:

5.3.1.   One-Way

One-Way ANOVA is carried out based on observing one (1) criterion;

5.3.2.   Two-Way

ANOVA Two-way carried out based on observing two (1) criteria

5.3.3.   Multiple direction ANOVA

Such an ANOVA is carried out based on observing many criteria

5.3.3. Assumptions when using ANOVA statistical test

1) The dependent variable should be interval or ratio data type;

2) The populations should be normally distributed and the population variances should be equal, (Gaur & Gaur, 2009).

Do you need accomplished statisticians’ views on my account above?

Well…to back my words, here is what Gaur and Gaur (2009) say of ANOVA:

ANOVA analysis uses the F-statistic, which tests if the means of the groups, formed by one independent variable or a combination of independent variables, are significantly different. It is based on the comparison of two estimates of variances—one representing the variance within groups, often referred to as error variance and the other representing the variance due to differences in group means. If the two variances do not differ significantly, one can believe that all the group means come from the same sampling distribution of means and there is no reason to claim that the group means differ. If, however, the group means differ more than can be accounted for due to random error, there is reason to believe that they were drawn from different sampling distributions of means. The F-statistic calculates the ratio between the variance due to difference between groups and the error variance

5.4. Purpose of using ANOVA

The purpose of ANOVA test is to know if there are any influences and various criteria tested against the desired outcome. For instance, a production manager tests whether there is any noise influence caused by production machines in the factory on the assembly results of a fairly small component and a circuit that requires high concentration and a raft operator.

5.5. Which Type of ANOVA to Use When: Cases

(1) One-Way Between-Groups ANOVA

An oil company has introduced a new brand of gasoline in its outlets in three major metro cities. However, they are not sure how the new brand is selling at the three places since there is a lot of difference in the driving habits of people in the three metros. The company selected 10 outlets in each city and tabulated the data on an average daily sale at each of the selected outlets. The data is presented in the follow Table. Note that the items 1, 2, and 3 in the table represent the three metros.

Data Set
                                                     One-Way ANOVA Data Set

The null hypothesis in this case is:

H01: The average sale of the new brand of gasoline is same in all the metro cities.

We will also explain multiple comparisons in this example by testing for the following null hypotheses:

H02: The average sale of the new brand of gasoline in city 1 is same as that in city 2.

H03: The average sale of the new brand of gasoline in city 1 is same as that in city 2 and city 3 together.

Please note the difference between H02, H03, and H01. The F-statistics obtained from ANOVA only tells us whether there is any significant difference in the mean values of the three groups, which is our H01. From this, we cannot conclude anything about specific hypotheses as stated in H02 and H03. The later two hypotheses can be tested using multiple comparisons, which have been explained in the last section.

(2) Two-Way Between-Groups ANOVA

An MBA aspirant was interested in knowing the impact of educational background (arts/commerce and science/engineering) on the final placement salaries. He is also aware that previous work experience has an impact on the salaries. Therefore, he chooses educational background and work experience as two independent variables. Based on educational background, respondents are categorized into two groups—one belonging to the arts and commerce stream and the other belonging to the science and engineering stream.

Based on previous work experience, respondents are again categorized into two groups—one with experience and the other without experience. Since we have two levels of each of the factors, this is called a 2*2 design. A sample of 30 students is randomly chosen and their salaries from campus recruitment as well as information on educational background and work experience are given in the table.

For educational background, 1 represents arts and commerce and 2 represents the science and engineering stream. For work experience, 1 represents students with experience and 2 represents students without experience. Salary is given in the multiple of 100,000 INR.

Two-Way ANOVA Data
Two-Way ANOVA Data

The null hypothesis in this case can be stated as:

H0: The educational background and previous work experience have no bearing on the placement salaries of MBA students

I’m sure I haven’t answered all your questions. But for the sake of readability of this article, I would like to stop here. Read all your SPSS or Minitab in the reference given below. The book may seem old but it’s practical and it has screenshots and syntax…. whatever version of SPSS (18-22) …You can still see what to do…just read it!


Gaur, S. A. & Gaur, S. S. (2009). Statistical Methods for Practice and Research: A guide to data analysis using SPSS (2nd ed.). California, CA: Response

VI. Wrapping Up

Here comes the end of this article entitled “How to Earn from Home Giving Hints on When Use ANOVA.” As summary, here what you have to go with as takeaways:

  • Invest online through sharing statistics related tips….be part of knowledge sharing industry…and set a passive income machery today;
  • It’s possible to earn from sharing tips on When Use ANOVA. I hope you remember the skills and setups I shave shared in order to earn money writing online ….garner bucks by sharing tips about how to select right statistics to be used in one’s research.

With the sample post, you really learned practical implementation of my tips ….you’ve learned live how to write online earn money

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