How to Content Marketing as Kid [Help your Kids Run Business O Parents]

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I’m writing this article “How to Content Marketing as Kid [Help your Kids Run Business O Parents]” today in order to help you understand how able you can be as a kid to contact marketing or the role of a parent to facilitate or guide you o kids in your business ongoing.

Table of Contents

1. What’s content Marketing

2. Preview of Kid’s Business: eBooks on Children Literature

3. Setup stages +Lawful Kid’s Business Requirements

4. Potential Challenges or complaints

5. Case study: kids selling homemade juice and lemonade

6. How to Content marketing for Kid’s business

7. More about the Kid’s business promotion

8. Important remarks

9. Takeaways

As I am a teacher, I would like to disclose that at school we teach kid about entrepreneurship. So, don’t battle or argue against your kid if ever he/she exposes a given idea she/he had already been thinking about: the kid simply wants to apply what it has been studying at school. Your role now is to guide her/him in these initiatives.

In this post, I’m going down to show you how to contenting in order to help a given online or offline business (a kid’s business in this article) to thrive and how it influences the generation of more money for that business.

1. What’s Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a new form of marketing whereby someone (usually called a content creator) creates, avails, shares and distributes helpful and relevant information to a target audience (section of market that one envisions to supply useful contents to). All this processes is gone through in order to derive profitable actions (taken by that target audience) to benefit that content creator.

In one word, content marketing is all about you… using your knowledge or likes to create important and useful pieces of information that another section of people out there are hungering for. After reading your information and feeling that you are really helping them, they can click, subscribe, or a purchase items (juice, lemonades) that you promote (online or offline)…. If they do so then, this action of clicking, subscribing, or purchasing items are there as your own means or methods to get commissions/money. So, they take actions that are benefiting you…. They are very important to your business then….That’s the genius of knowing how to content marketing!

A Tablet Featuring "Online Marketing" on its screen
A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its screen

===> The question then is how are you going to keep them coming back to your website or blog, social media?

===> How will you get more people come to your website to read useful information that you share with them?

Here is the answer to all these “two questions”:

Continue creating more helpful and useful information most especially relevant information to your target audience.

2. Preview of Kid’s Business: eBooks on Children Literature

Kids: you and your parents can come out with useful for information that can benefit others out there….

Let’s suppose that you build a business about Kids’ Books…You can draw almost anything that comes to your mind…. Then your parents write text books for kids like you. Your drawings are authentic to the extent that there is no powerful machine that is able to create them the way you do. So, you would be helping your parents to thrive a given the business that would hardly survive without your drawings and without texts written by your parent(s) your drawing can hardly make penny .

Parents: you and your kids can setup a thriving business together… Just simply detect or see whether your kid has some talents in drawing for example. Children are good at imagination and creativity… So, don’t interfere in what they draw simply try to have them organise their drawings…. Collect them into a form of portfolio…. You can either create, write ebooks or sell these pictures to experts in children literature.

===> This can be a big business for both of you as a family…. And later when the kid is grown up a bit for self-reliance…. You can then give her/him full room of the business and simply be advising…. That’s how it can go.

3. Setup stages +Lawful Kid’s Business Requirements

By the way, if ever you would like the business be lawful, there is a set of stages your business should go through:

1) first and foremost, there should be a sector/area/field/type of business your kid would like to set up

===> this would originate from his or her likes: “what would do you like as business o Kid?”

– drawing? selling lemonade? Snow shovelling? Lawn mowing? Selling homemade juice?

===> what do you like to do? That’s the question that you really have to answer before you discuss it with your parents.

Dear parent…. Make sure that your kid has a clear idea in terms of what she/he would like to do!

===> even if their ideas are not clear enough, help them shape or frame ideas so that they are clearly stated, which will ease the process of setting the business up. For example you can analyse competitivity of the business by answering this question: “Are there many competitors in the corner?” or “Is there any way of making my kid’s business more authentic to curb or reduce competition?”

2) the second thing that you would do if the idea is available…. and then ripe…. Think of setting up a local business and then trying to find paperwork for your kid to start a business.

If not sure, Visit and Inspire yourself Here

===> To my knowledge, cities or counties will require all businesses to secure permits and licences. Otherwise, setting an unlawful business will end up penalizing your kid and prohibiting the business from continuing. So, you had better be careful enough and seek for paperwork.

4. Potential Challenges or complaints

You may think that your kids’ business is too small for people to envy or to be jealous of… Well… I don’t think so…..Don’t you see that:

– pedestrians will find it a bit unbearable to see a kid hanging out…. and his/her customers wanting to be served… Don’t you feel that a movement will be somehow slowed down?

– the neighbours owning cars…. They will find the driving ways narrowed down and their speed slowed down….

– competitors will not be comforted by the emerging of a new fellow selling the same product….

====>These are a few cases that can lit rows in the neighbourhood simply because your kid has started a business!

You should read then on the city website ( if is available) or go with your kid (if need be) to the district/city/department (probably finance section or other …just ask) the requirements, penalties, and the proper paperwork needed for the different types of businesses, focusing then on the Business your child desires to setup.

So in one word, you should check with your local officials (County or state if need be)… the latter we’ll walk you through a set of requirements that should be observed while setting out for a child business. To my knowledge in some counties the cost for this permit or licence is $50!

5. Case study: kids selling homemade juice and lemonade

Kid: ask your parents to assist you on (===> Parents: assist your kids and let them understand if possible of course most of) the following points:

(1) how much is the supply: how many lemonade or homemade juice sellers are there in your corner/ your County or on the other side of the road?

====> If there are many competitors who have already established themselves in for a long time ago, it is hard to beat them…. You need to be too strategic to prevail over them. This sometimes requires an extra budget…. As you can beat or prevail over your competitors through improvement in packaging, delivery, promotion, securing customers telephone numbers, emails, and being able to distribute your lemonade or homemade juice to stores or other shops that have people around them.

(2) how much is the demand: what are your prospective buyers or customers? Your neighbours? Classmates? Teachers? a neighbour’s company employees?

====> This will determine the number of juicers for example you need to start with, briefly the estimative production quantity to start with in the early days of your kid’s business.

===> The kid will not be able to handle them without help; that’s why you need to accompany your child in setting up this kind of business.

6. How to Content marketing for Kid’s business

The question is then how to content marketing for this kind of kid’s business?

This can be relatively easy for some parents…. But even if you are not good at this field, I’m going to show you and reveal some tricks.

It is should be noted that a content is any information that is viewed and shared. Ramos (2013) also says that a content can take up many formats:

(1) image: drawings, pictures, illustrations, etc

(2) audio: podcast, audio interviews of customers for example

(3) video: of customers expressing satisfaction, interviewing the kid about his or her business … answers on his/her motivation to start up such a business, and his or her call for more customers’ comments on her/his business…. and most especially critics for the business to improve or go to the peak in terms of customer’s satisfaction.

(4) text: textual content includes social media or blog/website posts about that kid’s business.

===> As a parent or any person who is coaching the business, you feel the obligation or duty to set up a Facebook or Instagram pages for that business. Social media requirements sometimes are restrictive in terms of age required for a kid to access to them. So, as a parent you have the role coaching this business and especially showcasing that really you are simply guiding the business regent….letting everyone see it is not yours as parent but it’s your kid’s.

Concretely, here is how to content marketing for this type of business;

1) writing articles or posts on social media about this business by sharing relevant information in terms of the ingredients, fruits, and the cleanness around the production of these beverages (lemonades and homemade juice)

===> If possible, read the dietitian articles or research findings and then outline for each fruit you used to make the beverage, showing health benefits for consumers…. Quotations from the book or article written by an expert or Food technician… will Convince the target audience that you are selling healthy products.

===> People would like to hear about how clean is the environment surrounding the production of the lemonade or that homemade juice!

2) Shooting videos of the kitchen or room and the surrounding of the place where the lemonade or homemade juice is being made

===> Videos showcasing your kid as /he is reading about the benefit of a given fruit used in in making a juice you are selling will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: some parents are very happy to see kids doing amazing things…. This is part of the promotional strategy: they will buy your juice simply because a kid is involved than if it were to be just a parent! This also will show your target audience/prospective customers that your kid plays a great role in the Business…. It will be as an exemplar for other kids…. Some parents will be sending their kids on your kid’s business Facebook or Instagram pages…. just to get inspired…. But some of the kids will end up wanting to taste of the juice….hahaha…. Which is another flow of customers that you need!

7. More ideas about the Kid’s business promotion

Ramos (2013) says that a content is information viewed and shared

===> Viewed where? Offline, online, as flyers, banners, stickers, or brochure, etc!

===> Shared: how?

                           Ideas On your Table

Through the word of the mouth, door-to-door, calling friends, relatives and neighbours, shops and store owners

Shared online, WhatsApp walls, status, and groups, posted (audio, video, illustrations, texts, pictures, etc.) on Facebook and Instagram.

If you opt of using some of offline content (information about your kid’s business) distribution methods, remember to put on your flyers, stickers, or brochures. etc…a “Call To Action


1) Subscribe on our Facebook page “Molia Juice Business” ( Juice Business)

2) If you wish home delivery, call +1 (317) 445 -500 (WhatsApp)

===> This number is randomly written…but it may exist….as I don’t know the dataset distribution of numbers by mobile communication company (Forgive me…it’s just an example, Ok!)

3) Help in building customer’s satisfaction and then try your best to manage interviewing (video) or getting textual testimonies about your kid’s services! This would boost customers’ belief if posted on social media or other promotion outlets!

===> You can have a video call on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype…Just make sure you inform the interviewee that you’re recording their testimonies! Start up with your close friends or your neighbours’ kids ….Interviewing them while they are drinking the juice will be tremendous….Avail some juice for free for the person you would like to interview!

4) Help the kid build an email list

===>If the list is well built, this is the start-up of a big journey of six figures income for your kid’s business. This because, you will start a blog/website for that business and be reviewing industrial juice and compare them to home made juice and recommending healthy industrial alternative juices ….

5) Set up a blog/website for the business

===> This will be another ramified sub-business that will later prevail over the juice or lemonade business! How? Ask me! Well …you will be promoting amazon juices through affiliate marketing (=links of amazon product that people click and are directed to amazon shelves…) which earns an additional commission to your kid’s business…that’s what we term passive income set up!

You will be sharing the nutritional benefits of fruit used by your kid’s business in making juice.

===> Write an email then, copy and paste the first introductory paragraph and link (URL) of the blog/website article and send it through email news letter….You will marvel at the outcome! They will be astonishingly positive!

The lemonade stand or homemade juice is not the only business that kid can start up…. The following list also can be exploited by parents and the kids for inspiration.

  •  Sweet bakery for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, etc
  •  Lemonade stand
  •  Sales of baked goods
  •  Cleaning or lawn mowing
  •  Purchasing and reselling used merchandise
  •  Gift wrapping
  •  Almost anything else that interests your child
  •  Crafted items

Click Here and read more inspiration on kids’ prospective business and how you may accompany them.

A teen with an iPhone and Tablet

8. Important remarks

It would be this deceptive of me as a teacher if ever I don’t mention that the kid should not stop his or her school. Your kid should keep on going to school, doing home works, socialising with other kids and attending important events organised at school, including other extracurricular activities.

As a child: you need to abide to all the activities listed above

As a parent: here is what you are required to do:

– Coach your kid about self-regulation===> remind the kid when it is time to do what, how to do it, and then all that is required for the sake of doing it well

===> So as not to sound weird and boring by repeating the same thing every time, just write ( or get it written for you) a big board outlining your kid’s activities detailedly from Monday to Sunday.

===> If this is available, you will simply remind your kid to have a look on the timetable…. and especially to be prudent enough to see the right activity….

If possible, get it written in the form of a diary book…. Then the kid will be able to look at it anytime she/he needs or feels to!

9. Takeaways

As a kid you can set up a business…As a parent, you can help and sustain your kid’s effort to start up a business. A parent’s help is felt in setting a lawful business and promotion of the business. I have shown how to content marketing for such business both online and offline. The content marketing consists of sharing useful information: so make sure you share important information. Reviews of the composition and health benefits of the fruits or ingredients used in the products (here juice and lemonades) ensure that people are buying healthy products.

Remember to sign up for more tricks and individual free coaching on content marketing.

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