How is YouTubers’ Life? ‖Lies and Dishonesty

How is YouTubers’ Life? ‖Lies and Dishonesty

How is YouTubers’ Life? ‖Lies and Dishonesty

By “How is YouTubers’ Life: Lies and Dishonesty”, I dig deep into the so-called Guru’s misdemeanors on YouTube.

As a Gap Bridger and Minor YouTuber and after years in the labyrinths created by the so-called Gurus, I discovered THIS.

The YouTubers’ life review

Most YouTubers do NOT care:

1. For their viewers’ emotions or financial challenges: they just want to rip off that hard EARNED penny of yours;

2. They can “sell their soul for a profit”!!!
==They just need money; whether they lie or tell the truth, provided that MONEY flows in their ATM!

3. Indeed, they intentionally show YOU the so-called quick tips or tricks to get bucks faster…….

The practices I display here are demeaning as these YouTubers should NOT normally be behaving the way they are now!

How is YouTubers’ Life?‖YouTubers life free

How is YouTubers’ Life?

The answer is that YouTubers’ life is full of lies and dishonesty.

So, this educational hit for today is all about lies that YouTubers tell

Hey Youtubers watching me, DON’T be like your senior Youtubers who got rich to the detriment of their viewers!!

The YouTubers’ life: OMG

Most of the YouTubers in this category will play these tricks!

They just show you their success but NEVER their 10,000 hours wasted while they were trying to connect dots!!!

(2) They make you believe this can be done immediately: 2 days, a week, two weeks at most!!!

(3) They know you like proofs and case studies!!!

How is YouTubers’ Life? ‖YouTuber’s life pc

YouTubers develop a pc life….

You will see them lying in nicest beaches and resorts!

But why their Lying, being dishonest, fake testimonials, just displaying today’s or current results and not when YOU STARTED…..

Yes, You YouTuber may think it's funny or not all like big…

Most YouTubers don’t take these behaviours or ill-practices ad huge lines, but withholding the truth in their eyes is such kind of just funny little things.

But this is SERIOUS!

YouTubers’ life online

When you see them on the nicest resorts and you cannot associate them with lies!

But back online, what happens?

YouTubers life online is alarming as I have said. When feeding their YouTube channels, they withhold the truth about their early-stage earnings.

They just depict the current earnings (usually as a result of rip-offs campaigns), which implies a wilful perversion of the truth to deceive, cheat, or defraud.

YouTubers’ life gameplay: dumping you up

You PAY what they suggest; they dump you up

If you have never realized it, let me share more about what is happening or has happened to me:

After buying a shiny object they recommended you to; you see them coming back in another form; you have not even got a refund for the previous rip-off! Bam…Another promotional email!!! Isn’t this sucking? They don’t’ care. Die or live!

Get hints in Your inbox!!! Get Tips from the Gap Bridger: foil traps!

How is YouTubers’ Life: Leveraging their Case Studies?


They know you like proofs and case studies!!!

  • Case studies or “proofs that it works” are just their results NOW, but not results “4 years ago when they started
  • They have studied through trials and errors and know they have made a living honestly and dishonestly
    == they live on flattering and ripping-off their first flattery consumers (Most of the time, they get no second purchase from the same customer)
  •  But still, their “ripping-offs” people earn them more money
  • Case studies or “proofs that it works” are just their results NOW, but not results “4 years ago when they started
  •  They have studied through trials and errors and then display things as if you can do them even if you’re a newbie!

YouTubers’ life unblocked

As I have mentioned it above, they make a living honestly and dishonestly!
== They live on flatteries and rip-off their first flattery consumers (Most of the time no second purchase).

But still, their “ripping-offs” people earn them more money

This is going to dishearten you as this is the truth:

The more money those YouTubers get, the stronger they get as they buy advanced tools to strengthen their presence/ubiquity/ omnipresence online [such tools are expensive for honest YouTubers];

They then strengthen their brands and their strongholds (website and YouTube Channels);

They have authority online…. newcomers/flattery consumers fall for them…. Those YouTubers grow richer!!

YouTubers’ life: gaming channel

O Dishonest YouTubers, stop those lies!

Stop transforming your YouTube Channel into “Gaming Channel”

Tell the truth and disclose your journey online….Let it be accessible to everyone who wishes to see it and especially….care for your words’ effect!

When you depict it as if so simple or that it’s gonna be easy for a newbie to make tones of bucks online, what do you intend to?

When you wilfully not see that your 4-7 years of experience has contributed to your achievement/figures you’re displaying NOW, is it fine?

Rather, this implies an intent to mislead and commonly hints of your false appearance or double-dealing

In my opinion, the YouTubers of this kind are UNTRUTHFUL and their deeds  (withholding the truth and insinuating as if what they can achieve now a newbie can too) stress a discrepancy between what is said and fact or reality.

The Good Practices would be to:

Show that the results now are an accumulation of years of hard work, mistakes and failures;

Show that there is no guarantee that a newbie will earn them;

 Admit that there is exaggeration art in their narration;

 Repent of their past mischief (if there is any) and to clearly state how this drive got into them and the token that they have now got rid of it

How is YouTubers’ Life?YouTubers’ lives gonna crack

How is YouTubers’ Life? How YouTubers’ lives gonna crack?

YouTubers’ life crack

“How is YouTubers’ Life: Lies and Dishonesty” video tutorial is trying to urge YouTubers (both Honest and Dishonest) to foresee what’s gonna happen soon if we do not come back to sense!!!

These people are transforming YouTube into a den of swindlers and this is gonna impact on YouTube reputation,

YouTube won’t tolerate any practices that will be meant to take down its business!

YouTube will demonetize those YouTubers’ videos and even if they will not start over, it’ll be a heavy blow!

YouTube will not sacrifice its honour to a bunch of mischievous YouTubers: it will probably impose rules that will hit both of us!


1. How much do you make on youtube?

2. How do I add another question to this list?

3. How much a YouTuber makes?

4. How much “YouTubers make calculator”?

5. How do YouTubers make money?

6. What are Youtube monetization rates?

Questions 1-6 can be answered as follows:

==it depends on views you get. Check that on this calculator.

YouTube Money Calculator - See How Much Money You Can Make


7. Who’s the highest-paid YouTuber?

8. Who are the highest-paid YouTubers

9. Who is the highest-paid YouTuber 2019?

10. Who are the top 10 YouTubers?

For questions 7-10, here is what, Berg (2019), a report at Forbes, found out in terms of earnings per year:

  1. 1
    Ryan Kaji (3-y/o); earning $26 millon/year 
  2. 2
    Dude Perfect: Run by 5 friends (in their 30s); earning $20 millon/year
  3. 3
    Anastasia Radzinskaya (5-y/o); earning $18 millon/year 
  4. 4
    Two Stars: Rhett and Link; earning $17.5 millon/year 
  5. 5
    Jeffree Star; earning $17 millon/year 
  6. 6
    Preston (Preston Arsement); earning $14 millon/year 
  7. 7
    PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg); earning $13 millon/year
  8. 8
    Markiplier (Mark Fischbach); earning $13 millon/year
  9. 9
     DanTDM (Daniel Middleton); earning $12 millon/year
  10. 10
    VanossGaming (Evan Fong); earning $11.5 millon/year

Tips to AVOID YouTubers’ Ensnares


As a Gap Bridger and sufferer, and one who got ripped-off oftentimes,
Here is how I learned to avoid these ill-intentioned YouTubers’ exaggerations:. 

There is no such thing like EASY MONEY


Review their past on digital products platform like JVZoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus,


You’ll see that they have been selling junks and craps for years…
==Internet will help you find relevant reviews!!

A Joke: YouTubers life free download mac


I’m kidding! But I bet these guys will come out with this in a form of software where you’ll be asked to upgrade to premium later!

These guys are likely to suck own penny until the last cent in our saving box!

Ending Notes

In “How is YouTubers’ Life? ‖Lies and Dishonesty,” I have walked you through some of the Make Money Online Niche YouTubers’ dishonesty. Their lives become demeaning because they suck the blood of their viewers.

They promote the crap and similar junkie products, without caring for the financial struggles of the subscribers or viewers who would like an online business!

Most of those untruthful YouTubers are rich and they have built some sort of ubiquity online, which makes them more findable/discoverable than their fellow honest YouTubers.

But…Those YouTubers are digging a big pit for themselves but most alarmingly, YouTube might come out with new rules that might hit both YouTube entrepreneurs, including the honest ones!

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Do you have any question or comment? Don't hasitate to speak! Leave your comment or questions below and the Gap Bridger will be glad to answer and give a timely feedback.

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