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I may guess the reason why you’re at this page: You want some tips to make extra income as a teacher. My promise: “I’m going to show you how.” Something that may be deceiving is that the scheme I’m going to hint about are not those of get-rich-quickly ones! If you’re looking for that, this is not the right post for you! But if you want to learn the sound ways to make

Extra Income for Teachers, you’re at the right hub! Today, I’m going to walk you through how to set passive income as a Wealthy Affiliate member. Want to know it? Read on!

Content Marketing

The starting point would be brushing you a bit about content marketing; that’s where all about money making online springs from.

Content marketing is a new form of marketing that consists of distributing and sharing contents (which can be in text, image, audio, or visual formats) to a specific audience hungering for it—-all with the aim of deriving profitable conversion actions.

Ramos (2013) defines content as valuable and relevant information shared online.

In few words, content marketing is all about a form of marketing where there is someone sharing valuable and relevant information in a way that such information shared answers questions/queries/doubts/wants, etc. of a specific people or target audience. The aim of writing or creating such information is to derive profits through actions taken by the audience as they read the information shared with them

==== Assets/capital in content marketing is help, time, and ideas

==== Objective: as any other entrepreneurial activity, content marketers are after making money!

Since it requires assets or capitals that are not similar to the traditional or conventional entrepreneurship, I guess this can help any TEACHER interested as I helped me a lot too!

Every Teacher Fits in Content Marketing

Every teacher fits in content marketing as there is a possibility to work at your paces, as it pleases you: but the reality is that the more time and ideas invested, the higher the profit. Yes….there may be other isolated parameters but mostly, the more content one makes, the higher is the probability to earn money online.

Why do teachers fit in content marketing?

===>They can spare some time as they are good at time management (they cannot teach it while they can’t practice it, that’s my sound understanding)

===> They are creative: in 21st Century, We TEACHERS are required to teach students to be creative through assessing their creativity skills (see any book on assessing 21st century skills).

Content marketing requires some creativity in terms of being a problem-solving oriented online helper!

====> Everything a teacher teaches is a solution for students’ wants! So, teachers have permanent solutions to students’ problems/queries/wants/or desires! Remember that in USA only, students spend around $1,000 on buying required class materials! But they consume or spend close to $2,600 annually on food and clothes (See this post Ways Teens Make Money Online: Grab Your Own Way) according to Piper Jaffray!

A Tablet Featuring “Online Marketing” on its screen

As you’re an adult, mapping the teens, college students, graduate students’ consumption and money spending habits can generate ideas and you may like to start:

1) Teaching how to manage their money

2) How eating healthy food is helpful and safe for them;

3) How not to abuse their credit card use;

4) How to organize, set goals, and self-regulate;

5) Recommend free-of-scam money making schemes

6) Etc.

===> Later, I show how to make money with this kind of guidance

The money you will be making is different from that McDonald makes: you will be guiding your students, which McDonald does not care about. In essence and ethically, you will be different from other sellers!

Wealthy Affiliate: Possibility to Make Money Within it

Wealthy Affiliate: A place to generate Passive Income for Teachers

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an Online Entrepreneur Certfication Platform. It trains on how to determine your own NICHE (specific section of market, your target audience), set up your own website in less than 2 min (using embedded technology), and especially teaches how you can make a career promoting it, earning more bucks within the same platform. Incredible, isn’t it?

Membership: there are two forms; the Premium and free Starter memberships

Premium Membership: First Month $19, following months 49/month, with the possibility to pay $29/month if you GO YEARLY. One can Save up to 36% as they go yearly. By paying six months at a go, you can also save money.

====>Benefits for premium members: Training, Website host (up to 50 websites), website support, Free WordPress themes, Free Key-words Search Tools (Jaaxy), and Access to Referral program (where you earn by referring other to be premium members at WA)

Earning Channels set at Wealthy Affiliate Referral Entries

At wealthy affiliate, there is are many possibilities to generate recurrent passive income. You do something and it recurrently generates a monthly extra cash, dear colleague.

1) Through referral Link: You’re given a unique link that helps you promote Wealthy Affiliate on your website/blog. Any person who clicks and set a Starter account gives credits that can be cashed; any person whom you referred at WA and that upgrades to premium membership sets you a recurrent income.

2) SiteRubix: By referring someone to host their website at Wealthy Affiliate, you get related recurrent passive income too

3) By referring someone to subscribe as premium users of Jaaxy Key-words Search Tool developed by WA, you get related recurrent commissions as well.

4) Any referral who buys a domain passively adds some bucks on your account (you get related percentages on this purchase)

Here is a picture of passive income for both starter (free) and premium memberships at Wealthy Affiliate:

Writing Helpful Contents for Online Audience

As premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can choose to promote WA and can create more other various contents related to your niche as well. So you need some hints on creating contents meant to be consumed by online audience.

Help Spirit:

It’s not advisable to start thinking of money as one sets up an online business! But help will be your shelter as you move on.


===people come online because they have, as I have already said it, problems or queries/doubts, wants, unanswered questions or desires!

=== Helps comes in as you painstakingly struggle to create problem-solving oriented contents/information, that is, solutions to what often brings them online!

=== You will use extra time to read a book/article by experts in a field/you tube videos (that they are supposed to read themselves). You run a search behind doors and they only see solutions to their problem online.

=== You’re doing all this with no immediate gratification on your side!

To create audience-centered contents, you need to know what they are searching or typing in search engines!

A specific and accurate way to do so is through Key-words Search Tools where you see precisely the phrases people are typing in google search for example. There are free and paid tools.

To manage to monitor people’s wants, I personally use Jaaxy (a Sophisticated Keywords search tool availed for free to Wealthy Affiliate premium Members)

Click Here to for A subscription for Jaaxy with 30 free searches trial

By Jaaxy, I monitor the Low competitive Keywords (Average of being typed 50, Quoted Search Results QSR=below 100) otherwise the titles of my articles would not be discoverable in google search top pages.

Monetizing Help: Possible with Content Marketing

There is a number of ways used to monetize help that one has painstakingly being offering. The most comprehensive are:

(1) Through product creation: e.g.creating paid services

===> For example, courses, coaching, webinars, etc. have been identified as the most lucrative and passive income generators

===> One can advertise their own offline or online (freelancing, translation, data analysis, etc) services on their website/blog

(2) Display of Ads on the website:

Everyone is aware of the ads popped to them online. There are Ads owners who pay website owners for anyone who clicks Ads via their website (Pay Per Click, PPC). Other categories of Ads owners give a commission whenever a website user clicks and buys an item or product advertised.

===>Google AdSense is the most popular to pay website owners, provided that they fulfill related requirements

(3) Through Affiliate Marketing

Under this form of marketing, a website owner promotes products/services owned by big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc). Following a successful application for this privilege, websites/blog owners access to those store products unique links. Then these links or images linked to them are put on the websites. If some website visitors buy something from these stores through clicking the links or images on your website, the blog owner gets a related commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get 6% for Amazon USA);


In this post “Extra Income for Teachers,” I have journeyed with you on how to make extra bucks through setting a passive income business online. Content marketing was shown to you as the way that is straight to make extra income that grow in bigger money as one trades through help and solving problems others encounter. One way of monetizing help was linked to promoting Wealthy Affiliate in one’s content. This leads to a stable and recurrent passive income from referral program.

Click Here and Join Wealthy Affiliate Community (you can join via a free membership; no credit card required)

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