{:en}Educational toys for little boys: Nurturing Little Scientists!{:}{:es}Juguetes educativos para niños pequeños: nutrir a los pequeños científicos!{:}{:de}Lernspielzeug für kleine Jungs: Die kleinen Wissenschaftler pflegen!{:}{:fr}Jouets éducatifs pour les petits garçons: bercer les petits scientifiques!{:}{:ru}Обучающие игрушки для маленьких мальчиков: воспитание маленьких ученых!{:}

Anything new?

Yes, there is. I’m going to show you through plain language what research has proved workable and practical. If you’re reading me, for sure you’re using either a smartphone, a desktop computer, a PC or iPad!

Do you know what? All are results from scientific research. Educational toys have been proven to be the best ways of nurturing science and technology in your little children (boys and girls).

In this post “Educational toys for little boys: Nurturing Little Scientists”, I’m going to walk you through how you’re nurturing future scientists if you’ll buy relevant educational toys for your little boy! Only if you would stay on this post until you finish reading it, you’d prove me wrong or right. Let’s start then.

Had you known it?

Everything around us resulted from scientific research. Look for example the cars and trains that we use daily, the smart phones/PC/iPad, etc you’re using, the energy we’re using to run the lights in our home or offices, the clothes we’re wearing, the food we eat, the medicine we’re taking when ill, etc.

ALL things these things were developed through a process that is termed SCIENCE! Isn’t it amazing that through science we’re getting the incredible facilities around us?

Educational Toys: fun and much more

When you buy a toy that is educational, you give a gift that’s got triple advantage: you’re showing care to your child, giving him fun or recreational tool, and you unconsciously are nurturing future scientist! Incredible, isn’t it, dear parent?!

Whether you’re a home-schooler parent or no, a relevant educational toy will make your life far easy, because for sure at a given moment of workdays or weekends, you’ll feel that your kids need relaxation. How beneficial will it be if you know you have toys that you rely on? You simply don’t nag.

 Toys that help to develop process and concepts

Most toys for little boys which really qualify  for educational aspects strengthen or develop observation, interpretations of observations and of data, inference, prediction, hypothesis, classification, communication, and planning, (Lowe, 1988).

To these educational aspects developed through the use of relevant toys are associated with other attitudes like respect for evidence, curiosity, critical reflection and sensitivity to living things and the environment. When this is achieved, your children’s conceptual knowledge of the world around them will emerge.

Through the use of relevant educational toys, a little boy for example will be making new ideas and interpretation of the world around him.

There is a classic research finding that children often maintain their own ideas despite having been ‘taught’ ones which are more scientifically ‘correct’ (Osborne and Freyberg, 1985).

With good educational toys, a boy child will develop new ideas. Some toys may even help test them and see whether they stand challenges.

The best way to change children’s ‘non-scientific’ ideas, as research has shown, is to start from the ideas little boys already have and to help them to test out both their own and others’ ideas. Toys become tools or form of evidence to decide which ideas are most useful for making sense of things around them.

Since research findings reveal that children’s ideas may remain unchallenged, by having a kid play with relevant educational toys a parent participates indirectly in freeing it from the grip of “wrongly preconceived” ideas. See the benefits of relevant toys?

Relevant Toys: quality and experience

I have been using terms like “relevant toys”. By such a reference, I wanted to mean the quality of the toys and the educational aspects or experience they offer. I know we parent sweat to earn cash, even if now you’re earning without much work, probably you worked hard at a time in the past!

Instead of spending money on a toy that ends up in after a week of purchase, I rather prefer buy educational toys that will leave my son with useful knowledge and skills that will have value for the rest his life.

Proven educational toys for boys: robots

For your information, robots have been proven to be the perfect educational toys for boys. There are plenty of robots that allow a kid to build them, which makes a child happy. The following is list of some robots with proven durability and security for little boys:

1. Cozmo

This educational robot can be programmed to perform a victory dance, sneeze, etc. The drag and drop coding blocks on the Cozmo app help your son to build a new combination of blocks, and in a short time, Cozmo will act out your son’s creation. Amazing, isn’t it?

   2. Lego Mindstorm NXT

Playing with this, a kid can:

  • create 5+ different more robots from one set;
  • program them to do a series of other things;

===>This gives a big chance of long time of engagement with your son, he CAN’T grow tired of it.

3. Lego BOOST

Out of the box, your son will be able to build at least more than four lovely different projects or related robots. It includes more pieces, which means a kid can build another set of things. If he follows instructions well, he can have another mobile robot, a cat, or a musical guitar. You will be happy by discovering that your son has been able to build several amazing things without much of your assistance.

The market has availed many more robots. If you have some indicators that your kid is a computer fan, you may try him with computer or tech toys like Kano Computer Kit and Piper Computer Kit.

Why insist on nurturing sciences?

I remember reading one European Union report which stipulated that future human challenges are likely to be tackled through science awareness. A USA figure, Mariette DiChristina (the editor in chief and senior vice president of Scientific American), made a statement that might inspire you too:

We need to take the long view on R&D investment for the nation’s continued future wellbeing, just as we need to nurture, educate and inspire our children over their K-12 careers so that they can succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

As it can be seen, parents can participate now in getting ready for future generation challenges by only offering educationally relevant toys to their sons.

In this post, I’ve walked you through how Educational toys can help nurture science and technology in your little boys. I have shown how science helped create facilities we see around us. Through availing the relevant educational toys to boys, they develop process and concepts, and most especially we destroy their false preconceived ideas that are hindrance to science.

See how science is great and how it can be nurtured from low age: offer your kid educational toys, nurture a scientist from your household!

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