Easy Gift Ideas for Teachers: Try the “Earn Online THING”

Breaking Silence

Today Oscar has chosen to BREAK silence.

Yes ….the silence that compels teachers to enjoy their financial lives;

Yes, even if these lives are mean!

With Easy Gift Ideas for Teachers: Try the “Earn Online THING,” I’m going to inspire you, my colleagues from all over the world on how to to team up to start a business that our beloved one will inherit.

Fellow Teachers Worldwide

Scroll down until you finish reading this post. Let’s start then!

We teach students and they become billionaire

But do you know the difference our students are making comparable to us? They’re using the skills we imparted them OUTDOORS while OURS DO NOT EXIT the classrooms!

Damn me… I’m being too hard on my colleagues! But why do our students thrive OUT THERE?

Do they use ANY MAGIC not known to US? Nope! Frankly, NONE!

How many teachers billionaires to you know? Are billionaires born billionaire?

Are they born with some specific endowments?

Not either!


My easy gift ideas for teachers

Are you interested? Try the Earn Online THING then


1) Let’s get a premise from Kaufman (2013), in the list of 21st Century Skills:

It is recommended that WE teachers enforce these skills in our classrooms, I read this as a teacher researcher!

The skill of “Financial and economic literacy awareness” is number eight (8) on that list.

You know it should be fool or even ridiculous of US if WE TEACH things we do not practice outside the walls of classrooms!

2) If we teach self-regulation and time management: for sure we CAN self-regulate and manage our time

===>These are the two yokes binding behind most teachers! They argue we don’t HAVE TIME for other things.

Ashamed but motivated

I personally was ashamed that a little boy (Ryan, a Toy reviewer, who might be 8 years old by now) was mentored on how to review toys and in 2015, his You Tube review went viral.

Estimations for year 2018 were that his channel could have hit up to 11 million USD!

Do you get that money a year?

It sounds mega-bucks for some of US.

Some observations

1) That kid started reviewing toys at the age of four;

2) He’s now K-grader: he goes to school, some of our colleagues teach him.

3) He continues the review of toys and food for kids

4) He does his homework that our colleagues give in the classroom

5) His parents are only playing on the “getting him self-regulated” and they manage his time!

Are his parents geniuses?

Do they possess extra endowments or talents? Some say YES….

Uh..well…They were simply creative and they helped their kid to do what HE enjoyed most: Playing with toys!


Don’t you feel it’s better entering through that gate of WHAT YOU ENJOY MOST to get some extra cash?

Gift Ideas for You All



Ideas to get extra money and still be a good teacher: Process

I. Team Up

Talk to other teachers or colleagues with different expertise and come together as an association/organization.

===> Minim should be five, Max ten teachers:

===> One teacher can do these things alone; this will require him/her some recruitments but using interns can make it work, just consider alternatives.

II. Come out with an online “THING” that would earn you MONEY: teaching literacy, numeracy, skills, English, teaching other teachers on how to write for online audience, ebooks, etc

===>You will teach various subjects as you’re a group that has different expertise/you’re using stuff with different iconic expertise!

III. Set clearly your Vision, Mission, and Goals

===>A Hint: It is believed that in USA for example, undergraduate degree holders to not get better jobs that pay because they lack skills in numeracy and literacy required for these jobs! (See challenge in your countries, devise a plan to solve it. But don’t restrict your mission on that).

Track for the root cause of this and hint on how to help change it by emphasizing that in your organization short term goals.

IV. If you’re serious enough, just contact a notary public, get business book, and register your embryonic organization

===>Remember to set role for each of you: CEO, Head of Numeracy Department, Head of Literacy Department, Head of ESL/EFL Department, etc

V. Create an ONLINE BUSINESS by doing the following:

  • Create a blog or preferably a website that is dedicated to this end;
  • Write clearly your vision, mission, and goals on that website/blog;
  • List all the services you would like to offer: teaching literacy, writing skills, numeracy, etc
  • Include free menus among what you OFFER: I would recommend offering, for all the subjects you teach, some free lessons (on numeracy/literacy/creative writing, etc) and bonuses;
  • Create related social medial accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, You Tube channels, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc: don’t forget to share Url inks to your website

====>Get friends on these platforms and this will help you publish advertisements about your services. Share any events about your organization and keep sharing on these platforms regularly.

====>Advertise the free services especially on these social media: don’t forget to shoot pictures of your when happily offering free services

====>Painstakingly OFFER these free services well: it’s your MARKETING STRATEGY, isn’t it?

  • Create interesting and UNIQUE contents: courses, exercises, and publish them regularly on the website/blog and social media (wherever possible);
  • Study how to create a course that pays and integrate it on your website

====> To be UNIQUE, you need to take initiatives or make extra readings about affiliate marketing, writing for online business, etc. The good news is that most materials is free but this will make you lose time you don’t have, dear colleagues.

A subscription to a direct course somewhere would save you time.

DON’T GET ME wrong, I don’t want you to spend ravishingly but in my humble opinion, paying $50/month for something that would thrive the organization is not a prescription to drink all the ocean water!

(If you want an unfailing training program,  Wealthy Affiliate is NUMBER ONE. I took classes here. It was not an Ocean to drink. It has free TEN Modules too; safe as No Card Information required!)

VI. Select a teaching platform for broad (regular/group) and one-on-one (one-teacher, one student ) classes

====>Skype can make your teaching nice;

====>Video conferencing like Go ToMeeting (A Microsoft App) is great. I works well, I’m using it for my PhD Studies;

VII. You can get an App created for your organization

You need an appropriate App for your organization needs

====>You can achieve it in three ways:

  • either you pay for the App/get sponsored for its purchase;
  • simply you lobby over an App developer company that has social support policy: you advance your free lessons and convince the developer that the App you want would have a greater social contribution for the mastery of w, x, y, z subject matters among the youth;
  • or include skilled software developers among the associates of your organization: if they are among you, they can charge you a moderate fee affordable for this particular App

This App of yours would set you free! But before being there, operate on Skype or other existing platforms, Go ToMeeting being an ideal one.

Some of you will quit their current teaching job for managing a business you co-founded.


A government/private job can feed your household when you’re still alive but when you’re no longer (able to work or…) it won’t!!! No one of our relatives can inherit our jobs either!

A business is an inheritance for our beloved ones, even if we’re no more!

VIII. A team worth of many online contents: Hints on further monetization

By creating MANY free courses and exercises, you can kill two birds with one stone—sell your own lessons, ebooks, or mentorship, etc and then:

===>By putting Ads on your website footer: there are Ads owners’ who pay you for anyone who clicks their Ads via your website

===>Affiliate links: subscribe to big stores like Click Bank, Microsoft Affiliate, Amazon (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc), Alibaba, Tao Bao, etc and they give you a unique link. Then put these links on your website.

If some of your visitors buy something from these stores, your organization will get a commission (for example: if an item purchased via your website costs $30, you may get $6 for Amazon USA).

Today, I have given you Easy Gift Ideas for Teachers and urged you to try parallel to your job the “Earn Online Thing”.

Follow these easy steps, they are free…..hahaha. Just enjoy and thrive.

In case you would like to go deep in Online Money Making Training, Click here is a super and safe (No Credit Card Information Required) Training Program that includes Free Ten Modules. 

If you have any question or need more ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me at oscar@thegapbridger.net

Remember to comment below….Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Easy Gift Ideas for Teachers: Try the “Earn Online THING””

  1. Hi, sometimes I imagine the scenario where a teacher will continue teaching students on how to achieve a certain goal but yet they fail to use that same knowledge to achieve theirs, does it mean they are not allowed to or they are just there to make life easy for students. I strongly agree that teachers should come together as an association, at least to create something to help not themselves. the society in general.

    1. Hello Destiny!

      Thank you for supporting my idea here…Yes, it’s high time teachers joined hands and start working together for their common future.

      This will give many chances to be happy before and after retirement!
      It is also living the experience you’re sharing…Do you feel it demeaning to teach entrepreneurship when one has never tried anything entrepreneurial?

      I’m back in my IDEAS Lab for more hints!
      Thank again.


  2. Wow…. Nice job done. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. This article should be shared among every teachers to create another streams of income for themselves.

    Building of blogsite or app for student to learn easily can be of great income. This article also explains more about earning money online as a teacher. Thanks for the review, it’s highly resourceful and informative. Regards 

    1. Thank you for your strengthening and encouraging comment, Whitedove1.

      Website/blog for learning is going to help teachers who join hands to earn together.

      A single teacher can do it too….My call is that time to begin is just NOW.


  3. Oscar, you are a genius! This that you have written is uncommon and many people have not summoned the courage to carry out such an entrepreneurial mindset. Although many teachers may have nurtured fear of cost mostly, as a hindrance in carrying out such dream of self-empowerment. 

    The lesson I have learned from this is really invaluable. Applying this to my life will shoot my career to a prime light. Thank you for these outlined steps and motivation. 

  4. Thank you Chidiking88 for you appreciation.
    I’m the most grateful that the post has been helpful for you.
    This strengthens as I feel that people out there are getting help from what I publish on this website.

    Best regards


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